Now that the Republican and Democratic Conventions are over I really have only one question. What is the big deal about the Democratic Party omitting GOD from their platform? What happen to the edict – Separation of Church and State? After a firestorm from the media and religious right the word God was returned to the platform as well as Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Even the Democratic convention floor was divided with boos raining down over the platform amendment process.

So what about God?

The word GOD is such a vague three-letter word.  Since so many people made such a big deal about the oversight, I thought it might be good to clarify what they mean by God. Maybe when they added the word GOD back to the platform they should have written it this way:

GOD (Buddhism, Islam, Hebrew, Hinduism and Christianity, etc..)

Let’s leave them in that order too – why should it matter? It’s just God right?

Hmm, how do you think that would have sat with Christians? Imagine the upheaval then – Obama would have been labeled a godless man – or worse… a Muslim… oh wait, he has been labeled that already by some right-wing groups. The problem is; this vague reference to God is really a clear reference to a Christian God. How do you think that makes people of other faith feel? Do you think the far right even cares what other people think and feel? I feel that is a fundamental weakness and flaw in our social/political agenda. This mindset misleads and muddles the moral waters with one religion that does not stand for the grand diversity that is now America and the world we are a part of. Sure christianity is still a majority in America but it is not a majority in the world. Having religious absolutism in politics affects foreign policy, immigrants, minorities, social services and it especially affects women’s rights.  Hell, it affects my rights! It affects the science and reason that is being taught in our schools.  Did you know they still teach Creationism in some US schools? How is that not biased education? How is that not religious discrimination? How is this not absolutism? How is this not complete ignorance?

Trust me, I believe in God and I am about as spiritual as they come. You can’t call me godless and you can’t accuse me of hypocrisy. Truth is, I believe in Karma and know deep down that my actions affect not just me but others too;  thus I try my best to live a karmic and compassionate life. We all have the right to worship any God we want. I just think we need to keep God behind church doors and not in our politics.

I have a couple political platform requests I would like to propose:

  1. Please keep your version of GOD in church where it belongs
  2. Please keep GOD and the right to marry away from any poultry products
  3. Finally, when you feel the need to reference God in our politics maybe try not to be so egocentric and self-centered – it is a big Universe out there and some of us are trying to evolve.

As usual, I hope I did not offend anyone…  Thanks for listening…. God Bless… and God Bless this World….

John C. Bader