I probably should not even write this blog post… I mean who am I?

I am torn… well, here it goes…

I am having a hard time with this… the religious and political fed violence that plagues our world. We saw it this week with the unrest and attacks on American interests in Egypt and Libya. Let me toss a couple of numbers around:

America lost nearly 3000 people on September 11th, 2001

Conflicting numbers put the Iraqi deaths at over 100,000 during the Gulf War

In the crusades that fell between 1095 and 1291 A.D. there are accounts of 1-1.5 million dead between Muslims and Christians – some accounts peg a number over 5 million when you take into account the innocent and collateral damage associated with such a war.

That is fucked up….

I have written that religion causes more problems that it creates. Still, I believe everyone has the right to find their spiritual center (and pursuit of happiness) and organized religion was clearly invented to attempt to achieve just that – some sort of authentic and spiritual connect with the Universe. Hey I get it; American foreign policy is not always morally sound and contributes to acts of incomprehensible violence like 9/11. Such violence still is not justified. This weeks violence is not justified over a stupid movie.  It is deeper than just American influence in the Middle East. As the crusades show us, this hatred goes back thousands of years. How is this evolution? It isn’t.

It’s the violence that bewilders me. I was fortunate and experienced an awakening years ago that allowed me to write the Responsive Universe. Do I have all the answers? Absolutely not! But I know deep down in my heart that killing people in the name of a religion is wrong. No one is going to heaven or getting truck loads of virgins by fighting over oil interests, ramming planes into buildings, making hateful movies and scaling consulate walls to kill those inside that represent a different god and culture.  It is just fundamentally wrong to the core of our being as conscious beings. I don’t care what one book says and what a cleric holding another book says. When you kill innocent people in the name of God, you are killing the love, wisdom and energy that is human. If you think killing is justified by god – YOU ARE WRONG!

Love, wisdom and energy is the bond of humanity and yet we desecrate the only true connection we have globally.

I don’t have the answers… I just have the frustration and sorrow for the people needlessly lost in the name of God… Is this God? Are we so ignorant and misguided that we would pick up arms and indiscriminately kill in the name of God…yes we are.. Yes they are…

I am not an anti-war activist. I believe in defending our borders and interests abroad with the best moral intentions. Is America doing that? Everyone has a different opinion, but until we come together as a world and not the fracture mess we are today – well, humans will never evolve into anything worth celebrating.

John C. Bader