I read an inspiring article by Laura Hartley about an awakening she experienced while traveling in South America. I reference this article because I truly believe there are a lot of people like Laura that struggle with ego and this false self we all harbor – many times unknowingly. Here is an excerpt from her article:

“Despite what many would consider a successful life, with a great career, friends and family, I still felt fraudulent in my own skin. More than fraudulent, I felt broken. I wondered who would ever want a damaged soul such as myself, and couldn’t see that anything in this world would ever make me whole.

As my feelings of despair increased from day to day I took up smoking again, a habit I had quit long before. I started drinking more than I usually would, and I found myself flirting with the idea of having an affair with a much older, married man. I was doing everything possible to avoid the feelings that had haunted me for so long.”

I too felt alone 12 years ago – I was dealing with a difficult loss, memories of a miserable childhood; and as an adult I too felt damaged and fraudulent. God seemed uncaring or inexistence. I know now, years later that was my false-self; my ego in control of my self-esteem and happiness. Here is another excerpt from Laura’s article. She visited a spiritual place in South America that opened her to another realm – another Universe… A Responsive Universe:

“As I approached the door all I could help but think was that my life was not without meaning, and when I knelt inside I quickly found myself unable to breathe. Moments later, kneeling on the earth nearby, I could hear the wind softly whispering to me, and I began to weep.

I wept out of pain and joy, laughter and sadness, fear and hope. It was one of those moments when I knew I was no longer alone, and that I was more than worthy of everything I had attained and everything I desired. When I looked out on the world that day I felt something bigger than myself, and knew that the only thing that separated me from everything else was in my mind.”

Laura’s article is titled, Realizing That I Am Part of a Whole. That is the premise of a Responsive Universe. We are all connected and whole. We are all part of a bigger picture that transcends earthly dogma, fear and even ego. I too had an awakening and it opened me to a world so sublime and beautiful that it boggles my imagination.

We all have this ability… this ability to connect to something more authentic and pure. Within us is this indestructible essence – our True Nature. Sometimes we stumble upon it by accident. For most people they never achieve anything close. Still there is hope for those yearning for more… It is about mindfulness, connecting to your True Nature and being an authentic individual, sans of ego.


John C. Bader