We can take meditation much further in an effort to evolve and root our being within this amazing Responsive Universe. We have within our ability the power to manifest our own creative reality. Those that are mindful of the present now realize that our True Nature is unwavering and something we can always rely on. Our True Nature is the environment from which the instinctual energy of the Universe and God vibrates across an electromagnetic field of pulses. We are interconnected to this field of energy through body and mind.  Knowing this, we can be confident that the world is ours to possess because we are intimately connected to it. We do not need to rely on religious trappings and blind faith. Everything we need is already inside us; it just takes time and effort to reveal these truths. As discussed in the Seventh Mandala (Responsive Universe), we have the ability to harness this quantum energy and even pass this energy on to others through meditative techniques.  Karma, Reiki and the power of prayer certainly prove this phenomenon. Further, we can take this energy and actually manifest its light and power to create a new reality – a true reality.

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Manifestation Meditation

During meditation, following the usual set and setting we have discussed. Once you have reached the point where your mind and body is calm and ready for guided imagery, take a couple deep breaths and count to five, slowly exhaling. Inhale the energy that surrounds you and exhale the negative energy that holds you back. As with all meditations, the process is to calm the mind and end the constant mental chatter that closes off our ability to think clearly and be mindful of the present. To reiterate, the focus of your thoughts should always be in the now: Each moment that fades into the next moment; your thoughts, unfettered and unadulterated, free from fantasy, worry and fear.  Once we can slow the endless thoughts that race through the mind, we can then concentrate on several or even one powerful thought or image designed to leave a lasting mental imprint on the mind.

Now, visualize a blank movie screen or perhaps a bare canvas free of color and images. While still controlling your rhythmic breathing begin to visualize a dream and or aspiration. Maybe it is your goal to have your art exhibited in a professional gallery or perhaps it is meeting your soul mate. Maybe it is a successful career or other calling? We all have dreams and desires and there is nothing wrong with dreaming of such potential realities. Within the mind, visualize your dreams and fill that blank screen with color and objects that characterize this dream. Fill that bare canvas with your vivid aspirations. If you want to see your art exhibited in a gallery, then visualize this in your mind. Actually visualize your creations proudly showcased in a gallery for the public to marvel at. Visualize people walking around and viewing your masterpieces. Connect to your True Nature and thus connect with the reality of this dream. Keep your mind rooted in the present and try to hold on to this imagery for as long as possible – several minutes if you can. Repeat this exercise several times at later intervals. Visualize your dreams by drawing the quantum energy of the Universe into your mind and body and thus create a strong mental imprint. As basic physics already proves energy is indestructible and changes form. Through deep and strong mental imagery, breathe in this abundance of energy and alter its form through visual/mental materialization. Basic physics supports such action… In essence, make your dreams reality though visual manifestation. We all have within our power the ability to create mental images that with proper direction, intention and discipline can manifest dreams into reality.

There is of course a caveat to this exercise: Our manifestations must be practical and karmic in their validity to meet the natural needs as a human. You can’t visualize being a billionaire for just the reason to be filthy rich. Remember, anything that seems easy is probably not attainable. A dreams potential is based on many variables. Our heart wish needs to align with our True Nature and not to a projection of ego and false-self. It is not prudent to dream and manifest a new reality that will only feed our ego or power in an unnatural way. Our dreams and desires need to be aligned with self-growth and evolution. Any manifestation should be rooted in happiness with compassion for others. This is why many prayers go unanswered. People pray for the unnecessary or unattainable much like a child begs for candy. What are our deepest heart wishes? What do we need to be happy and free from fear and artificial attachments? What is it that governs compassion and good will? How will our dreams affect others and their destinies? What is it that aligns our True Nature with the instinctual energy that is God and the Universe? Once these questions are asked, answered and personally validated the doors of manifestation can open and anything is possible.

The question is how will a manifestation materialize and will you have the clarity and sensitivity to realize its presence. Manifestations can come in different ways. You for example may visualize and manifest the true desire to see your artwork in a professional gallery. But the manifestation itself can come in many forms. Our warped perceptions of reality can alter our visualization of perception; what we think is our true course in life may be different than what the Universe grants us in the form of manifestations. Maybe it is an inheritance that allows you to open your own gallery. It could be a person you randomly meet on the subway that knows a gallery owner. It could be someone that buys your work and then sells it for a better profit in their gallery. You see, we need to be careful how we yearn and dream. Manifestations are tangible and achievable but if we are asking for such realities with even the least bit of selfishness or greed, such manifestations can morph into the unexpected. Still, through hard work and perseverance, we can create our own successful true realities. First you have to believe you have within your power the ability to be happy and successful. Once you connect to your True Nature and have openness to energy, your dreams can come true. Once you have the clarity to yearn for unadulterated happiness your deepest desires can become reality. Once you have a responsive quality associated with your most heartfelt wishes and desires, anything is possible. Now go find your dreams and make them real!

Reiki or Bio-Energy Healing is also a manipulation of quantum energy

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