Autumn is upon us… I drove from Chicagoland today northwest to Winona, MN. I love this drive in early October because the tree lines and forests are so rich and colorful. Even the late harvest corn is golden and glistening in the afternoon sun. There is no mistake; fall is in full swing in the Midwest…

It got me thinking while I was driving the 14 from Muscoda north to Onalaska. To me, fall represents beauty, wisdom, knowledge and compassion. When you look at life like a Mandala you find that spring represents birth – regeneration – new life and new beginnings…. We are born from energy and thus an insignificant but most eloquently conscious entity – an intrinsic part of the system that is everything. Summer represents energy, life, karma, love and existence. We are now aware of our connection to the Universe. We may not understand it, but we know through space, clarity and responsiveness that we are connected to a vast and sophisticated Cosmos.

….and yes, then there is fall; we are here in this world as both learners and teachers. We need to be able to look in retrospect from the autumn of our lives and smile back on summer and spring. We need to be happy and satiated, alive and well…


Maybe you are in the autumn of your life… maybe you are still young and living through summer. It should not matter; as intrinsic conscious life forms we should always we able to look back briefly into the past and smile. Anything less requires an immediate shift in daily life practice. If you cannot smile on your past then you need to make fundamental changes in the present so that you can alter the positivity of the future.

Here is a list of key attributes that lead to more happiness in life:

  1. Live with an open mind and be open to change
  2. Be more mindful of the present
  3. Redefine your spiritual belief system to meet your future needs – not your past needs
  4. Find a connection with the Universe
  5. Come to terms with any skeletons from the past and be at peace with them – let it go…
  6. Cherish those you have lost and cherish what you still have – find love in loss; not depression and self-loathing
  7. Find your center and connect to the energy that surrounds us. Spend more time in nature
  8. Eat well and exercise more – listen to music and hug someone
  9. Be more mindful – find space, clarity and responsiveness in your daily life – live in a Responsive Universe!

Find compassion, love and wisdom; not fear, guilt and ego oppression…


John C. Bader