Cosmic Origin and Cessation

In my previous post I asked why… why is there fear of the unknown… fear of death and dying. Fear born from ego and false-self; reinforced by religious dogma? Why….

The Universe is composed of space, matter and quantum energy. Within the vacuum of space this matter and energy changes form creating a “cause and an effect” system of events. This cause and effect leads to adaptation within any environment – from a galaxy or star to a planet sustainable for life.

From background radiation and through Red Shift and the Doppler Effect we understand that the Universe is expanding. Many would consider the Big Bang to be the source of this expansion. Still, how can something birth from nothing? That question is one of mankind’s most sought after quandaries. In a Universe of cause and effect, the Big Bang explains only an effect and no cause. How can this be? What defines nothing? It turns out nothing is something within a Responsive Universe.

Einstein’s theory of relativity predicts gravity very accurately. This theory also predicts black holes rather elegantly.  The problem is the theory of relativity falls apart when you try to quantify the mass and space of a black holes singularity. Quantum physics also fails miserably short as well.  A black hole is everything we cannot answer and yet it might explain everything.  Astrophysicists’ at the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics has already proven the existence of black holes – a long-held theory for decades. The question is how are black holes related to our existence?

New theories in the origin of our Cosmos are not discounting the Big Bang theory; only amending it. First, it is impossible for nothing to exist – philosophically speaking, there always needs to be something in order for something else to exist. For there to be an effect, there must be a cause. But how can we relate to such musings? We can begin by looking into our physical environment here on Earth.  Everything it seems relates to rotating patterns or Mandalas. Look at the revolving transition of day to night; the seasons throughout each year; and even life and death – all cause and effects; all rotating energy exchanges that adapt over time. Planets rotate, stars rotate; galaxies rotate; even black holes rotate – a beginning, an ending and then a new beginning. But the Big Bang goes against this logic – a theory that explains everything spawned from nothing.

In a relative Universe of matter changing form; energy is action and reaction; cause and effect. When a star dies, its tired gases reform new stars. If a dying star is large enough, at stellar death a black hole is created. There are thousands of stellar black holes in every Galaxy. There are hundreds of millions galaxies in the Universe and at the center of every galaxy is a “Super Massive Black Hole” – its origins unknown. A black hole is a region of space/time where gravity prevents anything, including light, from escaping. The theory of general relativity predicts that a sufficiently compact mass will deform space/time to form a black hole. Though current math cannot support the singularity of a black hole we see this system as an integral part of the Cosmos – again every galaxy seems to have a super massive black hole at its center.  Why?

Where does all this light and matter go when gobbled up by a black hole? What is the purpose? There must be a function? What if the other end of a black hole was the Big Bang of a new Universe? What if the singularity of a black hole was the link to origin and cessation?  We understand that everything is relative – everything has a beginning, ending and then a new beginning. Energy cannot be destroyed – it simply changes form. In an ever ending revolution of life, death and rebirth black holes could be the key to this Universe and millions of other Universes as well. String Theory already presents supporting math for a multiverse to exist. There are questions abound in regard to the origin of the Big Bang inflation as well as the statistical data that supports the theory that the Universe is expanding even quicker – a possible contradiction to current mass and gravity data. Further mathematical measurements of dark energy are not matching current theoretical equations. The concept of multiple Universes would support the disparities seen within our quantum dominion. Further, such cosmic diversity could result in duplicates of Universes based simply on statistics and probability.

What if time and matter as we know it was not born during the Big Bang 13 billion years ago? What if the Big Bang was only a “Big Bounce” as some mainstream astronomers like to term it; a rebirth of energy – energy changing form in an endless procession of life, death and rebirth? It would sure explain all the black holes gobbling up light and matter. It seems everything in life has a purpose; even if we can’t explain it. Based on quantum physics we now understand through stellar adaptions that conscious thought evolved from the same stuff that stars are made of. We are connected to everything within the Universe and there is a sublime instinctual connection that transcends this dogmatic earth we live on. We are a part of something much bigger than we know – we are a part of a Responsive Universe.

In my next blog post I explain the humanistic side to the Universe – the energy that connects us to everything including our origin and cessation.


John C. Bader

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