Life and death… Why?

                                                                                                                 Humanistic Origin and Cessation

Is most of our dread and loathing in regard to the concept of death associated with fear? Fear fueled by religious dogma and our own false-self (ego)? As you work toward self-evolution these are questions you need to answer.

In the last post I discussed a new possibility as it relates to cosmic origin. Everything it seems we do not understand about the Universe might in fact be the key to birth and cessation. As we have learned, everything is relative – a cycle of energy that is like a Mandala – a revolving circle of life, death and rebirth.

So how do humans relate in this grand scheme of everything?


The Universe is a boundless environment where anything may be possible. With so much space, energy and matter statistics and probability suggest that any scenario is plausible – including the adaptation of conscious life. Is life considered a rarity in the Cosmos? Probably not as we just found sound evidence that water once existed on Mars – a neighboring planet within our solar system. Conscious thought might be more extraordinary. Still, there is an instinctual dynamism that links human consciousness to something more responsive than just living and dying on this rock we call Earth. In the realm of quantum physics there is a sublime connection between what humans think and how that energy exchange relates with our quantum dominion. When we observe sub atomic energy in its particle form we see just that – particles of energy at the microscopic level. Yet, the act of observing these particles changes the properties of quantum matter. The act of observing from a conscious entity needs to be included as part of the observation. How does human consciousness connect and alter the properties of particle physics?  In my book, the Responsive Universe I explain in more detail sciences like Torsion Field and Spin Spin theory and how such conscious manipulation seems to bring plausibility to concepts like karma, prayer and positive/negative manifestation and yes… an afterlife. I even show through unique meditations how to better connect to this dynamism. What this all tells us is that we are connected to the Universe in ways we are just now beginning to understand. It means we are part of a cycle of energy that has a cause and effect – a life, a death and then a rebirth – remember; energy cannot be destroyed – it can only change form!

So, it becomes clear we do live in a Responsive Universe. We understand that we evolved over billions of years through fortuitous adaptation. But what about the concept of death and dying? Where do we go? Where do our thoughts go? It seems what we consider an ending; might just be a new beginning (similar to new theories on black holes creating new Universes).

For decades it was thought that nothing could survive the plunge into a black hole. It is now a widely held theory that light and energy that is trapped in a black hole can survive. This is important because nothing is more violent and ever-changing than the environment that exists at the event horizon of a black hole. Observable matter appears to be stripped down to elementary protons, electrons and neutrons. Much like in death, we return to our source of elementary particles. Still, current physics states in principle, complete information about a physical system at one point in time should determine its state at any other time. This means Quantum mechanics proves that information that is created cannot be destroyed, even during the strenuous gravity and light vacuum characteristics present in a black hole. As stated earlier, energy and thoughts can be considered united and connected; thus they appear to be stable and transferable even when matter changes form. This means our thoughts can in theory live on after death.

Studies in Near Death Experiences (NDE) and reincarnation help add a humanistic quality to what happens after death. Do we retain our human form or do we return to instinctual energy upon demise? There is this element of fear associated with death that permeates the epoch of mankind. Further, there is this undeniable thirst to know what happens after cessation which has been a major supporting factor in contemporary religion. Still, the concept of God as it relates to the Universe is mind-boggling. For many, it is enough to know that modern science proves we live on in some form or facet. The dogma and humanistic trappings of reincarnation, heaven and NDE are promising and heartwarming, but true solace here on Earth can be found by connecting to our True Nature that exists within all sentient beings. As explained in the Responsive Universe book, True Nature that is that quantum governed energy force that is constant and unwavering – that connects us to the Universe – not as an isolated life form but an integral part of this system of order. Much like the concept of a soul, our True Nature is an instinctual energy field comprised of waves of subatomic light and matter. When you examine the relativity of Mandalas and how revolving systems of energy and matter are intrinsic to our being – it becomes clear we continue on in some facet. So it seems, the best approach to understanding life after death is taking heed to the wisdom of few and then following your True Nature. The answers lie within and once you come to understand that we are simply energy changing form, gone will be any fear of death. You will come to understand we are a part of something magnificent and in some form we will always remain connected and pure like the energy that surrounds us. It is ego and false perception that has bred religion, fear and notions of hell and purgatory. Once you strip away the ego and all that is adulterated and polluted, all that is left is energy – pure and powerful. We come from energy and we will go back to energy.

John C. Bader

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