Have you been watching the Presidential debates lately? Obama was caught sleeping in the first go around and both the President and Romney went toe to toe in round two last week. After watching these debates with surprising interest, an odd thought popped in my head.

These guys are just human…. Huh.. so am I…

During the debates, the nation and even the world watched as both these guys stumbled at times, even dodged and veered around issues important to our economic and social wellbeing. Both Obama and Romney have their strong points and weaknesses.  Occasionally they are articulate and eloquent and at others times they struggled to find the right words.  And, a lot of it was just “Malarkey”.

All of this got me thinking…. These guys are really no different from you and I. Sure Obama is the President and Romney is richer than sin. But both of these guys are just humans under stage lights and digital cameras.  They were once children just like us. They have family that loves them and probably depends on them much like my family depends on me  – both probably smoked pot but did not inhale.  Both no doubt have their own fears and ego to contend with – their likes and dislikes.

…At this point they probably dislike each other.

It is ironic how much they have in common despite the political polarization that seems evident on CNN. Yet, when the election is over and centuries later when we are all dead – well, none of this is probably going to matter. Further, each political party is a dinosaur – so large, cumbersome and saddled with weighted dogma – each politician, a unknowing slave to big money companies and corporate Earth. Their faces are recognizable; their morals and principles as familiar as the commercials we see on TV each day – but at the end of the week, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are just guys. We put them on pedestals and worship them like gods but really they are just humans in the spot light under extraordinary circumstances.

Some of us vote for religious virtues. Others want to see the trickle down effect reinstated; others want college aid. Maybe it is healthcare or social security – less taxes? It really does not matter whether or not you and I vote – this runaway train is fed by cheap labor, outsourcing and wall street profits. Whether it is democratic or republican it is the same pre-packaged bullshit. Advocacy and happiness is not political. Our own needs, wants and desires are not symbiotic to Obama and Romney. They are just guys. We are all just fallible humans. Still, I am thankful I live in this passive chaos called America. I am reverent that it is not Syria or Somalia.

Do you want changes? Well, you need to make changes in your own life that will make fundamental differences in the future. You need to live with an open mind; be aware and mindful; capable of recourse and social/spiritual evolution. You alone need to lead and not follow. Yes, get out there and vote on November 6th, but vote for yourself and not for a borrowed dream. Vote for your own future wellness – have faith in yourself! Believe in yourself. In many ways we are all equal. Find that empowerment and find the wisdom and clarity within. No one is going to go to college for you. No one is going to find you a job, healthcare and or a retirement fund. Yes, I believe in equality, helping the poor and less fortunate, but in the grand scheme of things there are still just winners and then there is everyone else following the winners.

Which one are you?

John C. Bader