Okay… so those of you that know me and follow my blogs; or have read my recent published effort, The Responsive Universe; well, you know that I am not a loyal proponent of organized religion. This does not mean I am godless. I just feel the weighted dogma, fear and ego of religion is unnecessary on the road to enlightenment. Religion is fundamentally flawed as it teaches people to follow instead of leading. We the people need to be our own advocates; we need to center ourselves and allow True Nature , energy and wisdom to arise from within. I would imagine most Atheists would at least agree with my synopsis of religion.

Still, I think atheist thinking is fundamentally flawed as well. My criticism for blind faith is clear. For Catholics or Muslims (for example) there are rituals and edicts to follow and for many religious folks it is pretty black and white: Believe in our path or you will suffer the consequences. And let’s face it, you can’t reason with a reborn Christian as they are steadfast in their beliefs. Well you know what; the same can be said for Atheists. The concept of atheism is, in a broad sense, the rejection of belief in the existence of deities which includes the concept of creation and an afterlife. I think any educated and chemically balanced individual would agree that we are the product of millions if not billions of years of slow methodical evolution. But what about an afterlife? What about a conscious and instinctual Cosmos? Atheists would contend that we are born from star dust and when you die it is all over – a black void of nothingness. Their belief stems from science but that is where their belief ends. What about variability? What about conscious evolution? The vastness of the Cosmsos proves through statistics and probability that anything is possible in a quantum Universe. In many ways atheism is born from the same absolutism that fuels religion – just the polar opposite. It is black and white thinking. It is a little like eating at the same McDonald’s on the same corner because you believe that is all that exists. Never mind looking further down the street or across town for something different. I could be wrong, but philosophically speaking, both religious and atheistic views seem narrow-minded. Religion holds us to worn out mythology and Atheism says life and death is cut and dry and do not waste your time with angels and fairies. They are just polar opposite viewpoints when true wisdom and logic may be found sitting in the palm of your hand. So what about instinctual energy and our intrinsic bond to Universe?

As quantum physics already explains, we are connected at subatomic levels and the act of observing particles at the subatomic level is considered part of the entire system of observation. The observer needs to be included in this system of events and conclusions because we are part of the event as an observer. Electrical pulses, atoms and thoughts connect us at sublime levels with the Universe. Humans and our energy, instinct and consciousness are part of the grand tapestry that is everything. We live in a Responsive Universe where anything is possible including an afterlife – after all energy cannot be destroyed, it simple changes form. Atheism says we need to understand with full clarity and see its conclusion with our own eyes. The entire quantum Universe is invisible to the naked eye and yet it offers some of the most exciting theories about our Cosmos.

Being an atheist is really no different from being a Christian or Catholic. I consider both threads of thought a short-sighted vision of the world. You are settling for what is tangible or blind instead of being open to new possibilities; you are giving up so to speak; taking the easy way out. You are following and not leading. To understand the Universe metaphysically is to understand that all solutions and outcomes are innumerable. The definition of God becomes muddled in dogma and description but we are not talking about a deity or ancient lore – we are talking about conscious humans connected to this instinctual energy that is becoming more and more intriguing and sublime. This does not mean believing or disbelieving in a deity – it is a bigger picture that transcends dogma and yes, a lack of dogma.

The Universe is… therefore I am…

Atheists and the religious are really just belief systems sitting on opposite ends of the pendulum. Maybe the wisdom in such musings is to seek a middle ground: A world full of energy, love and wisdom that links our humanistic surroundings with everything that existed, exists and will exist; a scientific dynamism that is boundless and responsive.

John C. Bader


image credit – fanpop