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Do you daydream? Boy I do….

Still being an advocate of meditation, I am conflicted about whether or not daydreaming is proactive. Is daydreaming a waste of time or a useful tool?  As I have written, the art of mindfulness is centering ourselves in the moment – in the present – away from thoughts of fear and fantasy, past and future… Isn’t that what daydreaming is? Just letting the mind go rampant?

A new study in the journal Psychological Science shows that allowing your mind to wander might actually be good for your creative prowess. New data suggests that engaging in simple external tasks that allow the mind to wander may facilitate creative problem solving.

I think the questions becomes… what exactly are you daydreaming about? Those that daydream about fear, guilt, stress or loathing a future scenario are not basking in mindful positivity. This type of daydreaming only reinforces your ego and false-self. Still, daydreaming or pondering life’s quandaries and mentally seeking proactive solutions in this thing called life is good. Some of my best creativity is born out of passive meditation while bike riding. While on the bike trail, immersed in nature; I am free to think what I want. Still, I am careful not to let my mind stray into negative waters. Focusing on what is positive while daydreaming or meditating will encourage creativity and it is from this spring of clarity and awareness that we can connect to our wisdom and inner voice – our True Nature.

So, let the daydreaming run amuck – just be mindful of it….

John C. Bader