Quantum Physics? The power of positive thinking? Internal balance? How do these theories or ideas relate to us as individuals? Why should we even care; especially when there are five episodes of Storage Wars cued up on “In Demand”…. Why should the homeless of Hurricane Sandy care?

Well, in the interest of self-discovery and social and spiritual evolution… it does matter…

One could explain that an energy force flows through the Universe. This energy force connects human consciousness to everything tangible and intangible within the cosmos.  The study of Quantum Physics already sheds scientific light on this subject. Yeah, that’s right, a sublime connection to our source – the essence of god – not explained by blind faith, but through math and science. Huh… who knew… It is a positive flow of power that exists everywhere. It pulses through the Cosmos and creates new existence from cessation in a revolving Mandala of life, death and rebirth. We see it with the seasons here on Earth; or millions of light years away as a tired star exhales its final hydrogen fury giving way to the birth of new stars. This energy is everywhere imaginable and unimaginable and we are part of this system of continuous change.

I don’t know…  I kind of find this shit exciting…

It is easy to forget our magnificent connection to the Universe when the OC House Wives are creating fascinating drama on Bravo. Who can take their eyes off of that train wreck? It is hard to find this connection to the sublime when we are grinding out a paycheck; living month to month and feeling the guilt of that fast food binge sitting so comfortably in our stomachs. Yet, it is true; we can manifest our own positive reactions through positive thought and actions, thus creating a new dynamism that echoes through our lives. This dynamism helps us recognize our True Nature and that success and happiness are not necessarily found in a bible, church or at the bottom of a bottle… no, happiness is finding your center of energy right now. A helpful model to understanding this premise is what I call the Circle Theory.

Imagine a circle. In the center of the circle is a form of self-actualization (remember self- actualization differs for each individual). By being centered, or self-actualized, you can attain new knowledge by thinking and living with an open mind. You are able to think for yourself and can successfully weed through societal conformity and be a true individual. This is what social/spiritual evolution is all about: To be centered is to feel that connection to the Universe; that you are not just a social security number; that we are connected to something so extraordinary it boggles the imagination. To be centered is to understand your childhood and upbringing, so that when you make new actions in your life, they are not based on earlier negative models of behavior. To be centered is to tap into positive energy –creating good Karma and positive thoughts for your wellness and the wellness of others. By channeling positive energy into your life, you will create  feelings of bliss and even euphoria. On the outsides of this circle, lie the ills waiting in the shadows to knock you off-balance and away from the center, away from self-actualization. These ills include low self-esteem, addiction, hate, greed, jealousy, and conflict – in essence, your false self or ego.

As we wrestle with daily life, challenges repeatedly confront us—stress, relationship frustrations, loss, conflict with a co-worker, credit card debt—the list can be endless. Every negative issue pulls you away from your center in the circle and drags you closer to the edge where chaos and mediocrity reign supreme. At the edge of the circle, the quality of life suffers. Many times we live unknowingly at the edge of the circle. We settle and become part of the herd – following and not leading; conceding that this is life and there is nothing we can do about it.

John C. Bader

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