x-ray-jet_1300_600x450I have a question…. When you look at the world as a whole, do you like what you see? When you watch the nightly news what do you observe? Is most of it negative? I am traveling right now across Ohio and you know what? I am exhausted from watching CNN and other news networks at night in the Hotel. I like to be in tune with the world but it can be downright depressing. No wonder religion was invented…There is so much suffering on a global scale. From poverty to war; political and religious strife to pollution, climate change and fiscal cliffs. As a global society, where are we really headed? I see technological and medical advances daily but when it comes to the human existence as it relates to suffering, nothing has changed since the birth of Christ. Serious…

Every person is a collective piece to the puzzle that is humanity. The problem is, very few think that way. Each of us were born and thus exist on this planet to serve a purpose; a purpose beyond the instinct to procreate and survive. Let’s face it, we live on a small organic rock and our existence is interconnected: Interconnected by quantum physics and also energy from a spiritual sense. Are we so different that our petty views divide us? There is a common bond to be realized in regard to humanity. Once people get that concept on a global level, gone will be the threats of war and even poverty could be admonished. It is up to everyone to contribute to this collective puzzle for the greater good of humankind. You can begin by gaining more clarity and responsiveness in your own life.

It starts by surrendering our ego and false-self to a more spacious vision of life and Universe. We need to make open-minded decisions that create positive karmic results. Imagine if every person in the world spent one solitary minute of their lives to find a little compassion and do good for the common world; free of money, selfishness and ego. Just one minute could create this contagious wave of positive energy that could ripple across the globe. Is this even possible? In Buddhist philosophy, one is not fully enlightened and free from suffering until the world as a whole is at peace. That is a lot of pressure as we try to find our own place in this chaotic world. Are we so different? Maybe there is something the majority of the Earth is missing. Something that is not tangible to touch or sight but reachable if we garner the right perspective and mindset from within. Less suffering and more happiness begins with you and only you. Each of us has a responsibility to uphold that shifts this world we live in to a more palatable utopia.

Do you want to make a difference? Start with yourself: Watch your Karma and center your energy. Eat well, exercise and show compassion to your enemies. Small personal changes make a difference. As we all continue to mature and gain wisdom much of the authenticity and love in life is based on our actions; not words and blogs… Remember, positive actions create positive reactions in a Responsive Universe.

John C. Bader