barefoot….and so another New Years is upon us… Let us look back on 2012 with wisdom; wisdom of the mistakes we all have made and the courage and energy born from our experiences. Whether positive or negative it is these experiences that shape and mold us… Living with compassion and hope will always allow the sun to shine a little brighter even amidst the shadow of storm clouds. As New Years approaches, let us all greet 2013 with limitless energy and open arms…

Below is an excerpt from the 8th Mandala of the Responsive Universe – a helpful list of little things you can do to find betterment… We all have the power and energy to improve our lives and the lives of others… Be honest and true and the Universe will respond!




1. Find space – Have openness and space for the events of daily life. Settle into the vastness of your mind and the Universe and how both relate to your True Nature.

2. Wake up every day in a peaceful mood – Try to wake up without annoying alarm clocks. Give yourself more time to wake up and get ready for what should be a good day. Avoid feeling rushed or stressed. Tell yourself each day before getting out of bed that today is going to be good.

3. Control your breathing – Learn to breathe in positive energy and breathe out stress and worry. Take time during the day to focus on deep, long breathes in and out and you will feel more relaxed and peaceful. Try it any time you feel stressed or off your center.

4. Live with an open mind – Adopt an unbiased approach to learning and love. Make your own conclusions and decisions following your own careful reasoning. Review those ideas and opinions left in your mind from childhood influences and social immersion, and keep only those that are productive to you today. Begin to see life through your own eyes and not the eyes of others.

5. Find Faith in something Positive – Make your own researched opinions about God and creation and always be open to changing your opinions as you gain more and more knowledge.

6. Be aware of control patterns – Review your actions in life and determine if they are genuine or if they are determined by negative control patterns you harbor. Recognize negative control patterns before you act, and change the sequence of events by creating new positive actions to replace old hard-wired behaviors.

7. Live with compassion and live without hate – Hate is a mental cancer that will eat you alive from the inside. If someone is causing you grief, try to understand why instead of just hating them. Try to feel compassion for this person. Compassion will release your negative feelings and will allow you to think clearly in order to handle the situation more constructively.

8. Appreciate nature – Take time each day to appreciate something beautiful in nature. The natural beauty in life is God’s power. Focusing on it for just a few seconds will bring peace and renewed energy levels.

9. Think positive – Try replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. Focusing on positive thinking will create a new dynamism that will manifest positive reactions.

10. Meditation – Have I mentioned this enough? A light form of meditation may involve simply controlling your breathing and thinking of the positives in your life. A deeper form may take you into your subconscious and align your body with your True Nature.

11. Appreciate others – It is important to stop what we are doing and then focus on the people around us who influence our lives in positive ways. It is also important for us to tell these people that we appreciate them.

12. Exhibit good karma – Our world is based on cause and effect. We live in a revolving Universe of matter and energy. Positive and negative actions we create will eventually return to us as equal energy. Why not act positively?

13. Stay centered – Be mindful of when you are stressed or having a bad day. This awareness should be a trigger for change. We must constantly regulate our energy level so we are not always hanging out at the edge or our circle of energy where mediocrity reigns supreme. Living with an open mind, embracing compassion, sensing the roots of our control patterns and breaking them with more positive scripts in life are ways to center ourselves. When centered, we are aligned with our True Nature.

14. Go to bed in a peaceful mood – Relive the high points of your day before falling asleep. Remember the people who made a positive impression on you. Have compassion for those who affected you negatively. Try not to focus on what needs to be done tomorrow. Focus on the great day you had today.

15. Be responsive – Be aware and mindful of your thoughts and your surroundings. Always be connected to your True Nature. Having sensitivity to our environment breeds wisdom and enlightenment.


Happy New Years!


John C. Bader