Energy Vortex? What is that?

Depending on how open and mindful you are – especially in nature; you may have noticed special places that exist here on Earth that hold higher levels of spiritual and, or quantum energy. Several notable places exist in Sedona Arizona for example. An energy vortex is a unique place where the quantum energies found here on Earth actually gather in a specific area or region. Mindful humans can sense these energies both in nature and in other humans. James Redfield is famous for writing about such energies in his Celestine book series. Dating back thousands of years, ancient civilizations have built churches and temples on or near these sites: Stonehenge in England, Machu Picchu in Peru, the Uluru-Kataijuta rock in Australia and the Pyramids of Egypt have all been documented as places akin to energy vortexes.

So how do you find these places locally? Well, also called Chakras, these special vortexes exist with varying levels of energy everywhere. Even the natural beauty of a forest, coastline or simply a sunset vista can hold higher levels of energy. On all accounts, it requires some effort from the person trying to connect to such energies. It is critical for a person to be focused in the present: Gone should be thoughts of the past and future which are typically rooted in fear and fantasy. Once our focus is fixed in the present, we can open up to the vast energy that is present in these unique places. I have a hunch that you too have felt this energy in one form or another. In general, we rarely pay attention to energy rushes or the peculiar fervor of a clear, sunny day because of our preoccupations with life. Yet I am sure everyone has had at least one moment where they tasted this kind of acute perception, especially while surrounded by nature.


In Sedona there are several energy vortexes within a 20 square mile radius. Many of the sites are marked by juniper trees whose branches and trunks are twisted and warped as if the energy present at this particular location is swirling – juniper trees at other locations do not represent this phenomenon. Two years ago, while researching my book, I traveled across America visiting places of beauty like Sedona; meditating at noted sites and blogging my experiences. The more mindful and aware you are; the more space and clarity you exhibit; the more connected you will be to these places. I have learned from experience that a sunny day can help accentuate these experiences. Clouds, trees, the ocean; it seems it is all connected in some form or facet. So, the objective is to be aware and you too will find your own prefect paradise in the backyard or somewhere locally. For me, the local forest preserve is where I spend several hours a week meditating and contemplating. There are several spots within this preserve that I am drawn to – it is there I feel centered, clear and connected. It is best to not over think such things; just simply revel in the beauty and energy of it all. Its purpose is simple.. to heal and connect us to the sublime…

So, resolutions aside, maybe make it a point to be a little more aware; especially in nature, and find that perfect meditative paradise you can call your very own church or sanctuary. This is something that can be shared or kept special just for you. Trust me on this… The proof is in the experience!

For more information about energy vortexes and meditating out in nature check out my blog series, Meditating Across America.

John C. Bader