Do you believe that? That nothing is impossible?

I have learned through experience that the aperture of your open mind will determine what is possible and impossible. The truth it seems is in the experience; our insight and knowledge is dependent on our link to our True Nature. Even if possibility – a genuine want or desire is created in the mind it is still a dynamism that exists – you are connected to this energy whether it is born from the mind or your surroundings – quantum physics has many great studies on how energy transcends our actions, reactions, thoughts dreams and yes fears. Energy is measured by how mindful you are. Imagine the person that drives home one evening with their mind preoccupied about fear of the future, fantasy and past, not even noticing a beautiful sunset exploding to the west; and then there is the person who is mindful and connected to the present who sees the sunset as a union to something sublime; even a sign or milestone that we are evolving in the right direction – that perhaps we do live in a Responsive Universe…

The Universe is incredibly vast and diverse – every imaginable and unimaginable facet, combination and permutation exists. The quality of infinite space applies to the Cosmos and when we are considered part of this infinite design then it seems anything is possible. The quality of infinity allows for all possibilities to exist – then why would we not have faith that anything is possible?


The Ego, a necessary mirage of crude human evolution; when left unchecked it creates fear, anxiety and blindness. Blinding our vast vision; obscuring our True Nature which is in itself infinite. The quality of space exists even for philosophical musings; the more the ego controls our destiny the less space we have inward and outward. When we root our thoughts in the present; sans of fear and fantasy, past and future; we open ourselves to an infinite set of possibilities. When we live in a vast and infinite Responsive Universe we allow all that is good to permeate our being; to make us whole and evolving.

John C. Bader

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