blackboardDid I get any shock value from that title?

Blair Atkins, a fitness writer and blogger published a great article on MindBodyGreen last weekend titled “If You Don’t Attend Church On Sundays, Meditate On Sundays Instead”.  First of all, great advice! In fact, if possible, meditate everyday! Secondly, if you are very religious, then yes, meditating and focusing on God outside of church pews and walls is great. In fact, I think it is better…

I would like to take that thought a step farther…

Skip Church all together! You do not need it!


If you are new to my blog and message you might think this post is sacrilegious, even dangerously spoken. I do not fear damnation, hell or religious persecution. I fear credit cards, climate change and human suffering…..

Yes, church serves a purpose; a place to pray, hear positive messages and connect with others. There are many social and psychological factors that keep churches in business; money being one of them. I am careful not to condemn churches or the people that attend them. As my loyal blog followers know, I am not an atheist – far from it actually. Still, I am no proponent of organized religion. I feel it conditions people to follow and not lead. We have enough followers in this world; all of which creates mediocrity.

mediocrity sucks….

Spend a little time in nature and realize silence is beautiful; allow the wind to blow through your hair; let the healing sun warm your face; let your wisdom and True Nature from within arise bringing forth unlimited space, acute clarity and a responsiveness that fuels your energy and empowerment. Once you understand and know deep down that you are a part of this grand design that is the Universe; once you know that at our most basic construction; atoms and molecules – quantum physics connects us to everything – knowing this allows us to step back from what we once thought was truth; seeing the irony and dogma that modern religion offers. Once we connect to the sublime we realize that whatever this life source is; it transcends humans and all our mediocrity and earthly trappings.

Whatever your belief in God is, remember that you have the right as a conscious being to reassess your belief systems without guilt, fear or compromise. If you challenge you current belief systems and there is doubt, guilt and apprehension then there is something wrong. That is one of the fundamental problems with organized religion and church in general. These faiths teach their parishioners to follow and not to lead. How are we to find our true self? There is this underlying quality of fear, guilt and compromise that holds us to something less than authentic.  Many of us were raised under a roof of religiosity – some more than others. As we mature into adults with our own needs, wants and desires there comes a time to reassess our belief in God so that it can marry with the indestructible essence that is your True Nature. The two concepts need to marry as one – inseparable – free of ego, guilt and especially fear.

So leave that guilt and ego at the church door. In fact, do an about-face and find God in something that God actually created – Nature and the essence of your own beautiful mind. It is man who built churches; it is man who created religion… God (whatever the definition might be to you) created you; your thoughts and your energy. God created love, compassion, and wisdom. You do not need church for that… everything you need is already inside you.

Now go find it and start living in a Responsive Universe!

John C. Bader

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