HeartHeavenDo you ever get a little depressed and you’re not even sure why? I mean we all have our struggles; most of us toil with monthly bills, our weight or the fact the sun has not shined in 8 days. Still, some of these things never change and yet good moods and depressed moods seem to ebb in and out like the ocean tides. Why…

Well, nobody knows for sure and each person is different. The explanations and the scenarios that create them are probably infinite. I know in my self-evolution there are days my energy is low. Yes, even for a guy that lives in a Responsive Universe, there are still challenges; inward and outward… No matter how much I meditate or implement bio-energy therapy this lack of energy persists at times. Still, I always remember that behind those clouds is blue sky; our unfettered True Nature that is steadfast and always dependable.

You know it is interesting: In order to feel emotions of love, peace and bliss we need to have felt its polar opposite; depression, fear and even anger. How would we know any difference? If we all had balanced emotional baselines we would have little feeling at all – a Prozac world… The ego is part of this up and down world as is our surroundings that seem to throw challenges our way from every direction. It is my opinion that you have not really lived if you have not loved and felt anguish; bliss and depression. It is what makes us human. It might not be pretty at times but it is the truth we all face.

Remember that suffering is intrinsic to our being. Even those that are independently wealthy; where piles of money might buy the freedoms many of us dream about: Sure financial worries might be minimized but no caste system is safe from the death of kin, embarrassment or the crude but necessary facilities of the ego. As sentient beings we are all born to suffer.

The point is none of us are perfect and furthermore, we live in a very imperfect world. It is okay to ride out the ruts – there will be many more. Still what should not change is your steadfast vision that there are blue skies behind those ominous clouds. Remember to love yourself even in times of despair.  Be open to change, alive and aware – be mindful of your suffering and soon like storm clouds they too will dissipate giving way to the warm sun; lighting your path forward in self-evolution.

John C. Bader

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