I experienced a spiritual awakening over a decade ago. Much of what I write in blogs and books roots back to this unique experience. It was an amazing stirring of energy, clarity and space that aroused my being. Sometimes words fail to describe the feelings and thoughts associated with such an awakening.  At the time, it was difficult finding meaning to this new interpretation of my surroundings. There were few books available on the subject and even the self-help chat rooms available on online seemed gratuitous and adulterated.

I have always equated this experience of enlightened knowing to walking up hill while most of society continues to walk downhill. Having many of the answers that once eluded us does not mean life gets easier. There is a burden to this truth. The more we know, the more we tend to suffer. The art in life is being mindful of our actions and reactions and finding the wisdom that arises from experience.  It was very difficult to explain this shift in insight and wellness; this about-face from religion and philosophy.  Few people understood. That was the case until the great social media explosion of the last 5-8 years. With the invention of Facebook and then Twitter, social media united this thread of commonality into a tapestry – an online community of like-minded people. From Singapore, to India; South America to North America and beyond – there is now this unique marriage of energy and understanding.

It is empowering to see others struggling and also championing this evolutionary path in life. The world seems so vast yet through Twitter and Facebook the world is more intimate and palatable.  People wear their heart and emotions on their sleeves. We share our experiences as if we all grew up together. I love the responses I get from my blogs, shares and tweets. We all have something to offer each other and it is really incredible that we can connect and share wisdom with such ease. Through social media like Facebook and Twitter I feel like I am a part of a bigger family of evolutionary consciousness. My path seems less isolated and foreboding. I feel like we are all walking up hill together with the same goal in mind: Self-discovery and enlightenment.

Thanks to all of you that make a contribution to the betterment of life. It is much appreciated


John C. Bader

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