fourthquestionmarkPart of the goal of mindfulness is being cognitively aware of our egos and false-self.  The more mindful we are of our ego-driven world, the less we will suffer in the long run. Does that mean being overly confident is bad?

I just read an article in a recent issue of Ideas and Discoveries titled “Overconfidence, The Dangerous Trips of the Brain”. It is true that overconfidence can lead to stupidity – especially if it is ego driven confidence.  Just browse YouTube and you will find example after example of high-risk situations fueled by overconfidence and yes, stupidity. How about viral videos of a guy jumping from the roof of a house onto a frozen pool – only to have the frozen pool win? Enter one big bruised ass an also a bruised ego. Do we create the illusion of winning? Is there any benefit to overconfidence?

Psychological studies show that in social situations and conflict; when two rivals assess each other and if one of them has an exaggerated sense of his or her abilities that person is more likely to emerge the winner from this conflict or challenge. That surprised me! Studies show that the illusion of strength is one of the most meaningful and persistent characteristics of the human psyche. Interesting huh?

Last year I wrote an article about body language mindfulness. Being mindful of your posture and body language is important. We now understand that through mindfulness of body language and physical posture; we can change other people’s perceptions as well as our own body chemistry. We know posture and body language is connected to our confidence and energy levels. But what about over- confidence? I think the difference is this… if you are overly confident, then your actions are probably led by your ego and thus stupidity is not far behind. This can be a risky road to walk.  Still, if you are connected to your True Nature, mindful and present; you are exhibiting true confidence; unadulterated and genuine.

So, there is nothing wrong with being a little over-confident, just don’t let it go to your head!

John C. Bader

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