Okay… admittedly, I am tough on religious dogma and organized religion in general.  As I have often written, everything we need to connect to God as it relates to the Universe is already found inside us because we are the product of conscious, instinctual energy – a sublime connection to everything.

Still, being religious AND NOT NECESSARILY SPIRITUAL has its benefits. Stephanie Papps, a Live Science Senior Writer has this to share with us…

“Many people adhere to religion for the sake of their souls, but it turns out that regular participation in faith-based activities is good for the body and mind, too.” I do think it is a little ironic that we have to consider religion as “good for the body and mind”; like this is breaking news… As if religion could be this cancerous habit that is bad for your health… Maybe that is why I am such a vocal critic….  Well, not today, here is a list of reasons why religion can be good for you!

  • Religion can help you resist Junk Food!
  • Religion can put a smile on your face!
  • Religion can raise your self-esteem!
  • Religion can soothe anxiety!
  • Religion protects against depression!
  • Religion motivates more Doctor visits!
  • Religion lowers your blood pressure!

Forget blind faith, ritual dogma and fear, today we are going to be positive about religion.  So raise that chalice and get out there and be religious! After all it is good for you!

John C. Bader

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