sunraysThis thing called enlightenment does not come easy… It is a continued push… a continued walk up hill when everyone else seems to be walking downhill. I know that sounds uninspiring… even challenging… But much like physical conditioning and exercise, the more mindful and present you become the more self-evolved you become… Once you understand that authentic spirituality does not come easy; that you have to work toward self-actualization; you will begin to understand that the hard work and diligence is worth it. The proof will be in the experience…

This path does not require religion or blind faith… I can’t reiterate that enough… I spent a whole chapter on the “de-construction of organized religion” in my book, The Responsive Universe. It is not that religion is bad, it is just my opinion that religion becomes weighted and unnecessary on the path to illumination. Some people may accuse me of judging, but really I am just offering an opinion. You see, history has clearly shown that without spirited opposition there is only tyranny. After an awakening I experienced 13 years ago, edification in dogma, though positive in certain thought circles, does not carry us completely across the threshold of understanding and illumination. Religion limits us in our view of energy and Universe and our connection to everything. As children we are conditioned to believe a set of rules and edicts; our obligation is to be good and holy driven by passive fear and guilt. Religion can facilitate ego and false-self which is a contradiction when considering spiritual evolution. There is a point when religion fails to carry us to the next evolutionary step – a non-duality that transcends earthly trappings and aligns you with something more pure, unfettered and unadulterated – Your True Nature

True Nature is your connection to everything: God, Universe, love and energy… It is your life source; your soul… You see we do not need religion to find our True Nature. As taught in Buddhism, our True Nature is intrinsic to our being. True Nature is something we all possess and it is something that is dependable and indestructible.  Unlike the soul (which can be taken from you – IE the Devil can take your soul) True Nature is steadfast and always Omnipotent. Yes you can find illumination through religion – many people do; but the problem with religion is that it judges and excludes; it clashes with other spiritual thought processes – it forces us to choose… it forces us to follow a specific dogma instead of simply just being one with everything.  This is why I am a champion of finding your own spiritual path.

Sure you can say, I judge; that I am no different…  But at the end of the day actions do speak louder than words. When you align yourself to a specific creed you need to consider the history that defines your belief systems. Religion has a sorted past full of corruption and war, persecution and damnation. After seeing the light, I just can’t imagine being a party to this type of energy and focus… To be honest it does not even make sense to me… So, if that is judging and being unsympathetic to others feelings then those that judge me need to understand that their ego could be playing out the drama that they unknowingly call their own. Further I do not consider myself  better than other people because of my clarity and awareness – I am simply confident and see life and spirituality differently. I see humans as conscious, instinctual energy changing form – connected in ways that science is now just unveiling through quantum physics.

I am not here to change a re-born Christians view points. My target market are those that are on the fence. Those that believe in God (or want to believe in God) but see religion as the hot mess that it is… Those that are offended and taken back by my writing need to ask why? Find the root to your fear and anger. Those that harbor anger and belligerently defend their belief systems tend to harbor the most trepidation and uncertainty. It does not have to be that way… There is another way… Another path…

We all live in a Responsive Universe – but only if you are mindful enough to see the energy and beauty that surrounds us and also arises from within. Everything you need is already inside you. Now go find it!

John C. Bader

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