cooperation-cloud-computingIn light of the recent events in Boston and the overall social/political climate of the world I have to ask the question: When you look at society as a whole, do you like what you see?  As an American, we kind of live in this bubble and when something terrible happens the entire US population gasps… What about other areas of the world? There is so much suffering on a global scale. From poverty to war, political and religious strife to pollution and climate change. We see it on the news everyday. We see it online and in newspapers… it is no wonder religion, despite its shortcomings, continues to flourish. Where are we really headed? Where does this evil and mediocrity come from? don’t say the Devil… that is not an intelligent answer that brings any substance to the conversation or any closure to the folks whose lives have been changed by violence and or negativity. There is clearly a bigger picture here to realize and further this burden to understand sits squarely on each of our shoulders. We are all in this together whether we like it or not…

Every person is a collective piece to the puzzle that is humanity. Each of us were put on this planet to serve a purpose. A purpose beyond the instinct to procreate and survive. There is sublime meaning to our conscious energy that transcends our breathing and heart rate. There is purpose to our being. We may not know what it is exactly, but deep down we know there is something special that connects us through, love, wisdom and energy.  Let’s face it, we live on a small planet and our existence is interconnected: Bound by quantum physics and also energy from a spiritual sense, are we so different that our petty views divide us? Are we so different that there is a need or desire to hurt others? There is a common bond to be realized in regard to humanity. Once people get that concept on a global level, gone will be the threats of terrorism, war and even poverty could be admonished. It is up to everyone to contribute to this collective puzzle for the greater good of mankind.

So why is there evil?

You could blame it on social variability… Each person is unique with their own personality, disposition, fears, wants and desires. Some of it is nature and some of it is nurture… Social elements interweave positive and negative actions and reactions and everyone processes this information differently. Sprinkle in mental illness, chemical imbalances, drugs and every positive and negative variable is introduced across populations of millions of people Every city has its champion for humanity. Every city has its ego maniac. Every city has its depressed and deprived; rich and poor; assholes and academics.. And every city has that poor forgotten soul that is almost ready to snap: The unending static of society; its pressures and defeats will take the downtrodden to places of evil recourse that seem unfathomable to the ordinary person. And then there is religious zealousness – one of the most dangerous of the social evils – all built on blind faith! I have the hardest time understanding that element… my definition of God is soooo different…

How do we defeat evil?

It starts with you and I …It starts by surrendering our ego and false-self to a more spacious vision of life and Universe. What does that exactly mean?? Well,we need to make open-minded decisions that create positive karmic results. We need to “pay it forward”…. Imagine if every person in the world spent one solitary minute of their lives to find a little compassion and do good for the common world, free of money, selfishness and ego. Just one minute could create this contagious wave of positive energy that could ripple across the globe. Is this even possible? In Buddhist philosophy, one is not fully enlightened and free from suffering until the world as a whole is at peace. That is alot of pressure as we try to find our own place in this sometimes chaotic existence. Are we so different? Will things ever change?  Maybe there is something the majority of the Earth is missing. Something that is not tangible to touch or sight but reachable if we garner the right perspective and mindset from within. Less suffering and more happiness begins with you and only you. Each of us has a responsibility to uphold that shifts this world we live in to a more palatable utopia.

Don’t ask what the world needs.  Ask what makes you come alive and go do it.  Because what the world needs is people to come alive

– Howard Thurman


More compassion, energy and wisdom and less violence, hate and persecution? If we can think it then it must be possible….


John C. Bader

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