virginiabeachHumanity has been on the verge of a collective awakening for thousands of years. Great teachers dating back to Buddha, Aristotle, Plato; or more recently Joseph Campbell, Eckhart Tolle and the Dalai Lama show us this metaphysical world where every reaction is governed by action. A world where karma creates our events and destiny; and energy is the paying currency here now and hereafter. Quantum Physics is now revealing our kinship at the subatomic level. Meditation shows us another world, free of false-self; unadulterated and liberated; a new voice emerges… your inner wisdom; speaking truths; birthing your epiphany of existence.  This is what it means to be awake and this state of being; this non-duality is the next evolutionary goal for humanity.

Now, with the internet, social media unites this new renaissance in thinking and expression. This dissemination of energy and wisdom is catching on like wildfire to a dry field of wheat; our once stale, dogmatic world is ablaze as the flames of enlightenment ignite the embers of our being. We are all now connected to the great teachers, poets and champions of enlightenment. Information is now available so that the collective world can weed out the truths and fallacies that surround us.  There is this new pulse reverberating outward. As we breathe in and become mindful of our inner and outer surroundings we inhale this energy and wisdom; thus creating our own ideas of the why and how. The more awake you become the larger your energy footprint becomes… To be awake is to understand universal love and wisdom. Fear dissolves and empowerment sits at your finger tips. You might not be able to explain it eloquently but deep down you know the truths of our connection to energy and Universe. You can feel this connection. You understand that everything is going to be okay. For those that have awakened, each will have their story to tell; their own path and interpretations and yet the common denominator will be the same. Our paths come from different places but the journey always leads to the same destination: self-actualization…

Why are so many missing the bigger picture? Why aren’t more people awakening? That question might be more complex than the social conditioning that shapes each of us. Ego would be the biggest barrier which creates so many control dramas in our short impressionable lives that it is too easy to grow old unknowingly missing the gifts that have been there all along. Evolution is slow and tedious; as reflected by our own world. Humans are championed by our greatest discoveries and achievements and we are at the same time horrified by the war, famine and persecution that still plagues earth today. How do we make any sense of it? All you can do is follow your inner wisdom for it is that arrow that shoots straight from the heart.

Still, the bright light of energy, wisdom and love cannot be extinguished.  The essence of our True Nature is indestructible and always present.  Everything you need to unlock life’s most intriguing questions resides in your heart. Yearn to awaken to this wisdom; be mindful of the gifts awaiting you and this increasingly expansive Responsive Universe we all live in.

John C. Bader

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