sunraysThrough a bit of luck and the organic chemical compositions intrinsic to the Universe; it was our Sun that helped give rise to life here on Earth. Humans are an instinctual connection to the Cosmos and our reverence for the sun dates back to the beginning of mankind.  Many ancient cultures celebrated summer solstice or “Litha”; when the sun reaches the highest point in the sky. Early civilization was born on the backbone of sustenance strategies – agricultural crops fed our earliest ancestors and the sun was revered for its life-giving and healing qualities.

Thousands of years ago it was the Egyptians who worshipped Ra the Sun God – still considered the longest standing religion in the history of mankind. The Greeks honored Helios, who was similar to Ra in his many aspects. Homer describes Helios as “giving light both to gods and men.”  In Native American cultures, such as the Iroquois and Plains peoples, the sun was recognized as a life-giving force. As part of the cult of Mithra, early Persian societies celebrated the rising of the sun each day. Sun worship has also been found in Babylonian texts and in a number of Asian religions like Buddhism. Even Pagans worshiped the sun up until the time the Christians inherited Europe – catapulting civilization into what many historians call the dark ages.

The sun is an integral element of our being. It gives us life and is the biggest source of energy within our short impressionable lives. Our bodies naturally create Vitamin D through daily sunlight – a necessary supplement for overall wellness – there is not a more pure source. The sun warms our planet, our moods and creates and sustains life – there is nothing more powerful or important in human life – the energy of the sun even transcends religion and can fuel spirituality. So powerful, you can’t look the sun in the eye – so symbolic, it creates shadows that follow us throughout the day…


In our busy lives, amidst the controlled chaos of life; it is easy to take sun for granted. For a simple meditation this week, take some time out of your busy schedule and find time for the sun. Spring is upon us in North America and there is no better time to give thanks for the sun and its unending and sustaining power. What a simple thing…. And yet how powerful… Make time for 5-10 minutes this week and sit in the sun. Close your eyes and feel its warmth on your face and body. Mentally visualize the healing sun rays penetrating your aura – cleansing your body of ego and false-self. Breathe deeply and exhale any stress. Center yourself in the moment. Feel the energy and feel the warmth. As a daily life practice, notice the sun more at sunrise and sunset. If only for a moment, be reverent and give thanks for something so simple yet so special. Simple mindfulness of our natural surroundings brings forth space and clarity. Find a connection to the Sun and your place under the stars at night.

John C. Bader

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