ninthhandsenergyThrough quantum physics and through our own space and mindfulness, we are beginning to see the alchemy of our actions and reactions – the sublime connections that make us one with the Universe.

Does this concept sound far-fetched and bizarre? It shouldn’t… 

As proven in the laboratory, just the act of observing elementary particles at the microscopic level changes their characteristics simply through examination. Through the act of observing matter in its smallest form we find that our own energy, conscious thoughts and possibly even our DNA cellular structure interact with matter within our surroundings and beyond our surroundings. The connections could be infinite! Yes, our conscious energy is shifting and changing the fabric of the Universe before our eyes.

Do you understand the significance of this?

This literally means that through our own actions and thoughts we are the forefront of creation.  At the sub-atomic level our energy interacts with our environment, changing it for the better or for the worst. We can no longer consider ourselves and our lives as simply a blink of an eye in the history of time; or an atheistic anomaly. Science proves we are more than that… We also can no longer consider ourselves under the omnipresent rule of a God that controls our fate and destiny. Instead, we are at the forefront of creation; we are the creators; humans themselves wielding the power of God through our own actions and reactions. We create heaven and we create hell…

Do you have a hard time believing that? Just look around you… Look at the world we have created…Much at the hands of humans? It makes you wonder doesn’t it?

We see this connection through scientific experiments and we see the same dynamism through prayer, karma and healing energy. The proof is in the experience! It is so simple and yet humans are just now seeing the alchemy of our actions and reactions; that we are connected to this vast and impressive Responsive Universe. We are just now finally seeing the connection… the beauty that is our place; the power and energy we unknowingly wield. We are more special than we know yet many of us ignore such revelations settling for blind faith and negativity. Yes we can create our destiny. The problem that arises is that the ego and our false-self warps our vision of what we truly want and need in life. The result is normally something short of authentic. It is then that our thirst to awaken dulls and we are dragged back into the world we have defined and lived in for so long…  Yet, that is exactly what we need to do! We need to awaken to our full potential! We need to awaken and connect to this illusive True Nature that exists within all sentient beings – something the mystics and enlighten have known for thousands of years – our connection to the sublime…

Still, we need to be mindful that our own guilt and negativity might be keeping us from the gifts we are destined for…. Sometimes when you put too much thought into something it can have a reverse effect and prevent something authentic from flowering – especially if your fears and inhibitions are woven into a particular manifestation… Mindfulness is our best friend. Through space and awareness; through compassion, wisdom and love the correct path exists and will be illuminated when we finally let go of the dogmatic trappings that hold us prisoner.  Every thought can matter; every action can have a consequence.  Small shifts in our thought processes and actions may seem insignificant but over time; much like compound interest; our positivity will outshine negativity.

Now, ask yourself this… do you want to live in a mediocre world with no control over your destiny or do you want to live in a Responsive Universe where creation is within your grasp?

John C. Bader

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