Our differences create a complex sketch

With veering lines and shadows

Many questions with few answers

An unanticipated destination reached

By two separate roads

Though hand in hand

Clouds of dark loom above

But then flies a hopeful dove

Riding a sunbeam of transparent light

That brings love with compromise

John C. Bader

Compromise and Communication

One of the most crucial ingredients to a lasting relationship is communication. Partners need to be able to share thoughts on the most intimate of levels. Effective communication is more of the dynamic push and pull; the give and take. Partners must be able to speak and listen. They must be able to share thoughts and feelings without fear of potential backlash. As a responsive partner, it is important to remember that when arguments occur, trying to listen and understand where your partner is coming from; what he or she wants, is more productive than just immediately getting defensive.

The shortest distance between two positions is intention. This is certainly true in relationships where you should always strive to be aware of what your partner’s wants and needs are. Our actions as responsive partners should be grounded in desire and commitment; the sources of lasting love. Our choices, attitudes, and acts of kindness are valuable assets to our relationships. Your own intention to continually reach out and show your partner you really care sends out a series of positive actions. Remember, positive actions always create more positive reactions. This kind of focus and progress in your relationship guarantees a circle of positive energy around you; with you and your partner, happy and balanced at the center.

John C. Bader

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