Love yourself?

Well, not from the egocentric love that we tend to bath ourselves with unknowingly. That same egocentric love that tends to turn on us in situations of challenge, fear, jealousy and self-gratification; love and guilt do not seem compatible but there they are coexisting when we live through our false-self and not our True Nature. Here are several helpful tips to shift that energy from ego to true self:

Care for yourself: I am sure you have heard this phrase before: “you need to love yourself before people will love you”. It is true though on so many levels. Care for yourself by eating healthy food. Love yourself by exercising and getting in shape. Care for yourself by stopping to notice nature and settling into quiet meditative respite. Yes, care=love…. Care for yourself and good things will happen.

Don’t judge! Stop judging yourself as this is your ego in control. The guilt and the negative energy only slow your social and spiritual evolution. Let truth, compassion and good karma be the root of your actions. Be careful not to judge others – there is nothing positive about judging or gossiping about others – it only creates bad karma and erodes your credibility.

Change how you think:  Happiness sits in the palm of your hand. Stop blaming others for your failures and shortcomings. Find truth in your thoughts and actions. Be more mindful of your surroundings and try to root your thoughts more in the present – away from mindless dribble of past and future; fear and fantasy. Find empowerment within and then live by example – there is nothing more authentic.

Face fear head on: This is a biggy and is one area in my journey to self-discovery that I am still working on. Fear holds us back from reaching our true potential. Every time you are hesitant out of fear or anxiety, let that be a mental trigger to push through those inhibitions and find the magic that is sitting on the other side of that wall your ego built to supposedly protect you from fear. Break that wall down and challenge yourself to face fear head on and watch how your True Nature arises from the empowerment you just created…

John C. Bader

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