I talk about the essence of our True Nature in much of my writing so I thought I would expand on the concept in this article. First, let’s define the ego (its well-known counterpart). The ego is part of our mental devices that experiences and reacts to the outside world and thus mediates between the primitive drives of our being and the demands of the social and physical environment. It is an unavoidable social phenomenon that, though crude in nature, is necessary to early primitive human development; especially in regard to certain Darwinian instincts and sustenance strategies. The crude mental control the ego peddles becomes a problem later in life when it is unknowingly manipulating our actions and reactions; especially in social situations. The opposite of the ego is our True Nature.  At birth our True Nature is born from indestructible energy – consciousness its new vehicle; an unyielding life source that for many is unfortunately obscured by the ego facilities born from societal immersion. The concept of True Nature is the intrinsic, immortal potential for reaching enlightenment that exists within the mind and body of every sentient being. Its source and energy are born from the Cosmos. True Nature is your transcendent link to the Universe. Based on quantum physics, matter and energy is connected at the sub atomic level. You and I are an intrinsic part of this connection as is every living organism including matter that is tangible and intangible. The gift of humanity is our conscious ability to connect to this instinctual energy and understand that we are a part of its grand design. This is truly a rare gift.

Quantum mechanics is the study of matter and energy, in particular the fact that energy is absorbed and released in minute quantities, and that all matter displays both wavelike and particle like properties, especially when viewed at subatomic levels. Quantum mechanics suggests that the behavior of matter and energy is interconnected and that the effect of the observer on the physical system being observed must be understood as a part of that system. As proven in the laboratory, just the act of observing elementary particles at the microscopic level changes their characteristics simply through examination. Through the act of observing matter in its smallest form we find that our own energy, conscious thoughts and possibly even our DNA cellular structure interact with matter within our surroundings and beyond our surroundings.

We see this connection through scientific experiments and we see the same dynamism through prayer, karma and healing energy. The proof is in the experience! It is so simple and yet humans are just now seeing the alchemy of our actions and reactions; that we are connected to this vast and impressive Responsive Universe. We are just now finally seeing the connection… the beauty that is our place; the power and energy we unknowingly wield. We are more special than we know yet many of us ignore such revelations settling for blind faith, dogmatic religion and negativity. Yes we can create our destiny. The problem that arises is that the ego and our false-self warps our vision of what we truly want and need in life. The result is normally something short of authentic. It is then that our thirst to awaken dulls and we are dragged back into the world we have defined..  Yet, that is exactly what we need to do! We need to awaken to our full potential. We need to awaken and connect to this illusive True Nature that exists within all sentient beings – something the mystics and enlighten have known for thousands of years – our connection to the sublime…


In Christian terms, the best cross-reference for True Nature is the soul. The concept of the soul, however, falls short in that the soul has religious implications that it can be taken or lost through evil acts or deals (i.e. the devil can take your soul). True Nature transcends all religion and even the world – its energy is constant and indestructible. Imagine if you could strip away from yourself all negativity, pain, and suffering. Gone would be your ego, your anger, and hatred. Gone would be your fear, jealousy, or manipulation. Only love and compassion would remain. Imagine having the innocence of a newborn baby, but the wisdom of an elderly Sage. This is all the essence of True Nature. It is pure, unadulterated, wise energy pulsing with positivity. It is the existence we were meant to have before the ills of society influenced us.

God defined by the Universe is conscious or responsive energy and therefore humans are also part of this dynamic; connected as one in a vast matrix of light and matter with a dash of instinctual consciousness that transcends earthly dogma. That is the definition of a Responsive Universe; where science explains energy healing and the power of prayer; where energy and love marry and allow us to evolve. Knowing this we understand that religious dogma, the ego and other social trappings are not representative of our true-self – they are merely distortions fed by the material world. True Nature is our connection and through meditation and mindfulness it sits within the gaps of our thoughts; space, clarity and wisdom; a new world to explore.

Finding and connecting to your True Nature within is the key to self-discovery and enlightenment.

John C. Bader

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