Hawaii 2009 098In my own pursuit of enlightenment and self-discovery; and after awakening years ago to this new world that is my True Nature, I have found meditation to truly be the bridge between the ordinary and sublime. Meditation is that catalyst that connects our thoughts and energy to our inner wisdom within and the instinctual dynamism that is the Universe.  It truly is a special gift. For those that struggle with meditation, my best advice is this… Keep at it! Don’t give up! There is this misconception about what meditation is and isn’t. Any attempt at meditation, now matter how fragmented and scattered your mind seems; is still considered meditation. It is all part of the process and eventually it will get easier. Further, I find this bond to be even stronger when immersed in nature. How about you? Have you noticed the serenity and energy that seems to greet us outside? The greenery and solitude of a forest teeming with life. The exploding colors of a sunrise or sunset. The calm serenity of wind and water; birds and clouds up in the sky…

A couple years ago I did a blog series on meditation in nature as research for my recent book, The Responsive Universe. I set off on a road trip that took me across Americas Great Plains, the Maroon Bells in the Colorado Rockies, even a park within the city of Chicago. I traveled through the canyons of Utah, enchanting Sedona and reveled in the grandiose vistas of the Pacific Ocean Coastline. Throughout this adventure I stopped along the way and meditated at these scenic places. Weather and solitude permitting, I would spend as much as an hour in deep meditative respite.  It was amazing and further confirmed my notion that meditating in nature is special. It connects us to something special…


Explaining the connection to nature and meditation is difficult. For me there is this deep, intimate feeling that I am connected to everything and our natural environment is the heartbeat of this connection.  Sometimes there are no words to describe the feelings and emotions that arise while meditating in nature but my instinct and energy know them well.  Even in times of challenge and conflict, there is this feeling that everything is going be okay.  Nature is a refuge from the controlled chaos that is life.


If you are looking for a change in your life… Perhaps you need a fresh perspective or a new direction… Maybe you need to just relax and slow down…  This week make it a point to find some nature; its free, unadulterated and there is a reason we are drawn to its greenery, trees, distinct texture, unfettered beauty and energy. We are all born from the same energy and our strongest bond is through love and nature…

Trust me on this one….

John C. Bader

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