San clemente sunset

The sounds of Jimmy Buffett permeate the vicinity as the rustle of westerly winds bring movement and rustling leaf resonance to the Southern California foliage and palm trees that surround my meditative beach head. The sounds of crashing waves in the distance seem to only add to the margaritaville music that anchors my mindfulness here in the present. A child’s laughter is heard somewhere behind me  – bottles clanking across the street from a small café. An airplane in the distance, buzzing and sputtering home from its adventure; a bird calls to its companion as the day matures and invites dusk in for a short visit. The sun begins to set; exploding with color across the Pacific; reds, oranges and hints of purple within its palette. a cool breeze cools my sun burnt face; tingling and bringing refreshing relief. Positive energy and bliss arising from within on this summer day in San Clemente…

Being mindful of the present is an amazing gift. It sits on a metaphorical coastline paradise all by itself. Yet there is nothing desolate or negative about being rooted in the present –  With thoughts connected to what is simply NOW, one can find a surprisingly simple and unfettered gift. To be connected to the present, sans of fear and the past and future and fantasy; to be rooted in the present moment of life and your surroundings… Wow, what a feeling of clarity and reverence as I sit, simply soaking up sounds, sights and the thoughts driven by my mindfulness. Soon the sun will set and my energy and focus will most likely shift… but for now… I am in a perfect place…

John C. Bader

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