San clemente sunsetWhat is so curious about light?

A simple word…

A simple concept right?

The sun rises each day and brings warmth and illumination to our lives. Yet throughout our mildly chaotic existence we tend to take such an elementary concept for granted. The sun rises and the sun sets – it is something we can depend on but for most of us there is very little thought or contemplation channeled toward such a rudimentary concept.

I am very connected to light – especially pure sunlight unfettered by clouds and shade. There is something powerful and healing that goes beyond just natural Vitamin D production. I feel a quality of spiritual energy associated with sunlight. It soothes, heals and brings clarity and space to my being. There is a connection that seems to sit just below the surface of ordinary. While in Sedona recently, I found that Energy Vortexes like Bell Rock were more intriguing and inspiring when bathed in direct sunlight: Vibrant colors, vivid textures and if you are mindful and rooted in the present, there is almost an energy infused dynamism associated with the quality of the experience. I sense it where ever I roam, even in my back yard.

Think about it, without the sun’s light, we would not exist. Light breeds and sustains life.  When you look at the dictionary definition of light you might read this: “Something that makes things visible or affords illumination”. If you dig a little deeper you may read: “Also called luminous energy, radiant energy”. This secondary definition is what really interests me: It is all about ENERGY.

So, why is this important?

When you are pondering life’s’ whims; especially as it relates to God and the creation of the Universe you can’t deny the concept of light as a source of everything good and positive. The Big Bang which created our Cosmos was a birth of light. Our evolution into a new spiritual consciousness and awareness is bathed under the illumination of Enlightenment. “Lightworkers” or “Lightworking” is any contemplative being committed to the development of inner presence and the elevation of awareness in self. There is this deep urge in all of us to yearn for something beyond our current evolutionary track. There is an awakening reverberating across the globe and we all are a part of this renaissance. We are all Lightworkers; it is just that many on this planet are not fulfilling their true destiny. As humans, we use only a fraction of our brains true capacity and our ego and false-self is in control of most of it. There is still so much more to learn and discover. The beautiful thing is, our spiritual and philosophical destinies are tangible – Enlightenment is within our grasp. I truly believe we may have been born enlightened – free and unfettered; love and wisdom like a flame simply lighting yet another torch of connected existence. It is social conditioning, ego and false-self that clouds our True Nature; our ability to see the light. We are a part of something so vast and magnificent that it boggles the imagination. We were born into this life to love and love is the purest form of energy. It is quite okay to not understand or comprehend all that is present. It is enough to know we are a part of the big picture, illuminated by the sweeping hand of energy and light.

So, the next time you step outside and feel the warmth of the sun, stop, ponder and revel in the energy that is present. It truly is a gift.

Sun Meditation



John C. Bader

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