The Responsive Universe

I watched an interesting video piece on Buddhism from a scientific stand point by Cara Santa Maria who has a Huffington Post Science column called “Talk Nerdy to Me”. She interviewed Buddhist Monk Dr. Matthieu Ricard who has a PhD in cellular genetics and is also an Atheist.

An Atheist?

A Buddhist Atheist?

You know it is interesting. Most folks in the western world would consider Buddhism a religion. I have even caught myself making that same mistake when I discuss Buddhist teachings and how it has flavored the Responsive Universe I live in today. Contrary to popular belief there is no “One Supreme God” in Buddhism.  Buddhism is more of a philosophy than a religion.

You mean Buddha is not a God? Nope, he was just the son of a King that found enlightenment 600 years before Jesus was born.  Buddhism is about not suffering – from life to…

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