mandalaYou know… it’s kind of ironic… just when you think you have something in life all figured out…. Whooosh…!  Life throws you a curve ball. It just goes to show you; in a Universe of infinite possibility, anything is possible. The twists and turns in life are good examples of how change is intrinsic to our being.  I find it interesting how a majority of the population seems resistant to change. People like structure and predictability. And why not, it adds stability to our lives. Our world is governed by seasons, the hands on the clock. We need to be at work at a specific time and for many their day is regimented and predetermined. Whether it is older folks fearful of technology or people and their fear of death, change is an unavoidable facet of life that we all can’t escape. Those that are the most resistant to change tend to suffer more.

It is important to have an open mind in regard to change….

To have an open mind requires us to be comfortable with the changing landscape and contours of modern-day life. Almost everything tangible in life has an undependable quality associated with it. The phrase “undependable quality” can have an unsettling implication attached to it. But in reality change is inherent to our existence and should not have a negative connotation associated with it. For example, each day is typically different from that last – there can be changes in temperature and humidity; sunny skies verses cloudy or rainy skies; or on a more obvious level, night versus day. Unforeseen challenges and changes always seem to greet us as we trudge through daily life. From a flat tire on the way to work to an argument with your significant other. Positive changes greet us too like graduating college, salary increases and unadulterated love. We as humans are constantly changing as well: We change as we age and our moods can change day-to-day, even hour to hour. The point is we need to be open to change on a constant basis. People that are not comfortable or adaptable to change tend to suffer more. For some people, change can bring forth anxiety, lack of space and even fear for the unknown.

There are several key elements to being adaptable to change:

  • We need to be open to unforeseen changes during the day
  • We need to not fear the unknown
  • We need to be open to new ideas
  • We need re-evaluate our old belief systems and discard the archaic
  • We should not persecute others for their differing beliefs
  • We need to center our thoughts and energy in the present

Change is intrinsic to our existence therefore wisdom notes that the more open to change we are the less we will suffer. Trust me, it is something I have to even remind myself of time to time. Life is much more enriching when we just surrender and go with the flow of life…

John C. Bader

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