Fellow blogger Dave (Go Groovy) asked an interesting question about our purpose in life and how meditation may connect us to this purpose:



Interesting question Dave and I am not sure I have the full answer. Here it goes….

At birth we are born without an ego… yet, through social evolution the ego is what defines us at an early age. As we mature and see this rift between True Nature and Ego, we are left with a choice: Connect more to our True Nature (this energy, love and wisdom that arises from the within and without – the essence of God as it relates to the Universe) or we can continue to be led by blind reactions and blind faith; fear, materialism and false-self – all facets of the ego. Meditation slows down the thoughts within our head. Over time, meditation stretches those gaps between thoughts. It is there within those gaps that a beautiful silence arises from within; the ego is then powerless. From that silence wells our inner wisdom – our True Nature. That authentic energy and insight should be our guiding light to self-discovery and illumination. I think our purpose in this Universe is to live closer to our True Nature and live farther away from ego. I think we tend to over think our purpose in life (me included!) when everything we need is already there in the palm of our hand. Formal meditation is great but think of our entire daily life as a meditation – let that energy that arises from formal meditation transcend all thoughts, actions and reactions all day long! It is not a perfect process, but the more mindful you are at work, with family, friends (and enemies) and during your own meditative silence; the more you will grow and prosper. We gain credibility and our energy footprint grows as we evolve. New doors will open and your actions and reactions will be born from compassion, love and gratitude – there lies the gift in life… possibly our purpose too?

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