Happy New Years to all of you reading this…

For those of you that are returning visitors to the Responsive Universe – I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I truly appreciate your energy, time and consideration. It means a lot to me!

For those of you new to the Responsive Universe – Welcome!

2014 is going to be an exciting year as there is change in the air. Change is good as it is intrinsic to our being. The more adaptable we are to change the more we will evolve and advance in this grand and amazing Responsive Universe.


I am excited to announce the soon to be published Responsive Universe – Illumination of the Nine Mandalas: To be edited, published and released by Wisdom Moon Publishing in 2014. This new version of the RU will be bigger, better and more in tune with our ongoing journey to self-discovery and illumination. More details to come!


On the Responsive Universe Blog get ready for my new blog series titled: The Mantra of the Month.  I am also excited to exhibit the wisdom and energy of several select guest bloggers and writers throughout the New Year. Our “Guest Blog” focus in 2014 will be on Meditation and Mindfulness. I look forward to all the new and inspiring contributions!


On my official Twitter page we will be continuing with the popular Blog Share Friday which includes like-minded content including healthy recipes, travel, and literary wisdom from fellow bloggers. I am so reverent for the 41,500 followers on Twitter – thanks so much!


Join me on Face book for updates and inspirational shares as we all disembark on this much-anticipated journey in 2014.


Again, with much appreciation, energy and reverence,

I thank all my followers, friends and fellow writers. Best of luck in 2014!


John C. Bader

2014 rocks!