mantraofthemonthIn this new 2014 blog series titled, Mantra of the Month, we will be focusing on our first meditative incantation. A “mantra” is a word or group of words designed to evoke a mindful response. This word or phrase is meant to act as a trigger to help focus on a specific topic or thought. Born from ancient Hindu Vedic literature and common in Buddhist circles our Mantra of the Month is:

“Breathe in Positive Energy, Breathe out Negativity….”

Remember, in a Responsive Universe what we think we can create if we exhibit the right confidence and intent. As a meditative exercise, take a couple of moments out of your busy day and focus on this mantra. But first, what is positive energy? Well, it is everything tangible and intangible that surrounds us and constitutes us… At the most basic sub atomic and cellular level, humans are made up of atoms and molecules composed of energy. Quantum energy is the basis for all matter both seen and unseen. In a Universe of light, energy and vibration, humans are connected to this dynamism that links instinctual wisdom and consciousness; a common dominator for human existence. Through meditation and mindfulness we can imagine and visualize this energy passing through or entering our body – its basis is pure, unadulterated and indestructible. It is the opposite of ego and all that is negative within our lives. As social creatures we are constantly inundated with negative energy in the form of fear, jealousy, anger and false-confidence – some more so than others. The key is to center our energy and connect more with that True Nature within.

For a helpful exercise, pause for a moment and breathe in deeply 5 to 7 times. First, take a deep breath and feel your chest inflate with oxygen. Hold this breath for a couple of moments and then exhale, expelling all that is negative from your body and aura. Simply, visualize negativity, disease and addiction leaving your body with the out breath. Repeat this exercise several times.

Breathe in positive energy and breathe out negativity….

Breathe in all that is positive: Energy, light, love and wisdom… Hold your breath and then slowly exhale allowing all that is negative to leave your body: Negative thoughts, feelings of anxiety, or bad experiences; let anything negative leave your body on exhalation allowing only your True Nature to remain; steadfast and unshaken. Think of negativity as clouds obscuring the sun. As you slowly breathe in and out imagine the sun breaking through these clouds casting warm, healing illumination down on top of you. Do this several times and be mindful of this shift in energy. How do you feel now? Centered? Lighter?

Try this several times a day and notice the difference. Do you feel more relaxed, positive, inspired or revitalized?  Use this exercise when you are feeling a little rushed, stressed or overwhelmed… This is a great exercise right before a sit down meditation session!

“Breathe in Positive Energy, Breathe out Negativity….”


John C. Bader

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