michelemeicheIn the book of Chinese wisdom, the I Ching, it is said, “Have an acceptance of fate and be open to being guided.”  This to me is spirit led living.  This can also be called living in the meditative state.

We may not always be able to change our fate. We may not like what the vicissitudes of life bring to us; however we can make our movements through the terrain of our life path with an inner connectedness, inner knowing; as well as peace and calm.  In fact the more we are connected to our inner knowing, the more peace and calm we will experience.

Meditation is a tool and aid for this. Through a consistent use of meditation as a tool for self-development one learns to accept “what is” in life.  This acceptance of “what is” naturally brings an inner peace.  In the “meditative state” we are able to connect with the aspect of our being that always retains it’s interconnectedness to the Universe, everything and everyone. It is hard to not feel safe when we feel this interconnectedness. In this state of being we develop a higher state of inner knowing and trust.  Living from this place of inner knowing and inner trust we experience a deeper sense of belonging, meaning, and understanding of our challenges; as well as life passages.

Meditation is a tool, a doorway into deeper realms of awareness. It is within the deeper realms of self-awareness that we begin to understand the deeper meaning of our life. Meditation is a practice; similar to how a musician or singer practices scales.  Eventually, the singer or musician uses what they have learned in vocal or music practice to sing a beautiful song, or play a heart-moving piece of music. In this way let your meditation practice be the foundation to living in the meditative state.  If there is a goal in meditation, it would be to live in the meditative state more consistently; and the way to do this is to have a consistent meditation practice.  This practice is as diverse as the individuals that practice meditation.  More important than long durations of meditation is the frequency.  The more you meditate the more you live in the meditative state and the more you experience peace and calm.

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