2truenature022514Our goal as intrinsic, instinctual beings is to awaken to our full potential spiritually and also socially within our respective environments. Our heart beat and thoughts marry us to this boundless Universe that surrounds us at the sub atomic level. It is from the Cosmos that our energy arises and returns. Quantum Physics is now beginning to shed light on this dynamism of conscious energy that binds our source of existence to the sublime. Our burden as social creatures is to share this wisdom, love and compassion with others. The evolutionary goal as humans is to awaken and connect to our True Nature; shifting our energy and focus away from ego and false-self to a more authentic and empowered existence.

An awakening is the next step in spiritual and social evolution. To see the world for its beauty and gifts; that humans are connected as one and not divided by our petty beliefs. An awakening transcends dogma and ego – non duality its common denominator. Words may not be able to describe such feelings of love and wisdom but deep within our heart and mind we can feel its space, clarity and responsiveness.

Do you want to awaken to your full potential? Everything you need to awaken is already within. The art in life is creating actions that shift the pendulum of experience to betterment.

Here are some great ideas for evoking that awakening within:

There is no better path to betterment than through yoga and meditation. This connection to body, mind and breath fosters stillness; sans of ego. There between the thoughts of past and future; fear and fantasy is your inner wisdom shimmering like a sea of diamonds. Yoga and meditation will create an environment for insight to arise – take heed to this energy and inner-wisdom and even in times of conflict and challenge an illuminated path will reveal itself.

Diet and Exercise is also an important step forward. This may sound like too simple of a remedy but there is a spiritual and social side to general wellness. Our bodies will respond positively to good, clean food and routine exercise.  We need these two healthy attributes to evolve. The burden is to be conscious of food sources, read labels and help educate others in their path to wellness. When you treat your body like a temple with good food and exercise you are creating inner credibility and also setting a good example for friends and family.

Born from diet and exercise; born from regular yoga and or meditative practice bears this mindfulness that transcends ego and the static of the world. The next step is to center yourself within this new sustainable realm – merge the heart and mind as one from which only love, compassion and wisdom emanates. The more centered you are the less fear, anxiety, addiction and stress will dictate your life. From a centered being arises intent and confidence. Yearn to awaken to your fullest potential. Push yourself and be mindful!

If your goal is to awaken then let your thoughts and actions be your guide to self-actualization. Let your actions reflect your karma and credibility so that when you cross the threshold of energy changing form your legacy or signature is that of omnipresent illumination.

John C. Bader

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