Many times in meditation you come with questions and hope for answers….

These questions can be:
“How can I relax more?”
“How can I find peace and calm?”
“What am I here for?”
“What is the great mystery of life?”
“Who am I?”
“What is my purpose and the purpose of life?”

In questioning we move into a phase of seeking.  Meditation becomes a tool for answering not only the questions of the ego and surface mind, but the deeper yearning we all have within us.  We seek what we feel is outside of us and also what we think will complete us. What seems to be outside of us seems to hold the answers.

As we move into the exploratory phase of finding the answers.  The “right” people; like-minded individuals are an answer.

You are the answer!

We begin to see below the surface of life and find deeper meaning. We find what connects us more to a deeper part of ourselves and gives new
meaning to our life. At some undefinable point we begin to really understand ourself and love ourself  on a much deeper level. In loving and accepting ourself as well as our life it becomes easier to do this with other people. We begin to say: “I just want to be me.”
We then with much more inner knowing say: “I just want to be.” It is in this being that we move into a living meditation…  We begin to see  that all our Spiritual Practice has brought us to a deeper place of Inner Knowing.

There is no place to get to… There is only meditation; which is an acceptance  of “what is”… even when that acceptance of “what is”  ….is us.


Michele Meiche


Michele is a guest writer for the Responsive Universe. She has also written this great piece on Mindfulness.

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