Imagine that your True Nature (true-self) is a starry sky on a clear night and your ego (false-self) are the clouds that obscure our clear views; often joined by emotions they foster – anger, jealousy, fear and anxiety. Yet if we understand that our True Nature, like stars, is constant and unchanging, we can understand that the clouds that sometimes obscure them are temporary. The clouds can bring storms, even violent and turbulent tempests, but we know clouds pass, and our storms of emotions can pass too. Our True Nature is the indestructible essence of illumination, love, wisdom and positive energy. True Nature is the true governing force of life. It sits just below the surface of the ego-driven world.

There isn’t a more cancerous emotion than the negative energy of ANGER. The essence of anger is the direct opposite of True Nature…

In most cases, anger is met with anger. When someone angers you, your first response is usually to strike back as a way of protecting yourself from this combative situation. Once the ego is involved, there is a social pressure to return someone’s anger with a measured response. Whether we yell , plot revenge or just harbor negative thoughts, there is no proactive solution when we act or think in pure anger. Anger is a useless emotion that only muddles and confuses the mind. When you are boiled over in anger, constructive thought is absent. Anger can also intensify suffering and even consume your peace and tranquility. It can close you off from situations entirely. Anger can create the darkest clouds that obscure the True Nature of your mind. Ironically, when your mind is full of anger, it is you, not your target, who suffers most. Be mindful of this….

What happens when you get a flat tire on the way to work? Do you get frustrated? Do you get angry? In such situations we have to ask ourselves why we are getting angry. We cannot control a flat tire or the many challenge that come our way… SHIT happens…. Getting angry about something is a primitive way to deal with situations whether personal or social. Anger typically does not come from the object or person involved – it comes from you! It comes from within! Be mindful when you feel anger arise from within. It is your false-self welling up; it is clouds obscuring the clear sky of your mind…

Breathe in Positive Energy, Breathe out Anger…


John C. Bader

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