Breathe in positive energy… Breathe out Credibility….



I have been thinking a lot about credibility lately. As a wellness writer and blog contributor I have a moral obligation to “practice what I preach”.  I really should not be seen eating at fast food restaurants everyday of the week when I promote juicing and eating organic foods. The same can be said about how I carry myself in the public or around my family:  My decisions and actions should be karmic and mindful; sans of ego, anger and jealousy. It is a tight rope to walk because as anyone knows, working toward self-discovery and social/spiritual evolution is a full-time job. We all need to be continually mindful of the present – always aware of our thoughts; always re-directing our mind processes away from the past and future, fear and fantasy; rooted to a more authentic existence.  Yeah….   ……It’s not easy.

That leads me to the notion of credibility. Credibility is a multi-faceted concept: Of course there is social credibility – how the public perceives your actions and contributions and then there is inner-credibility – how you perceive yourself. This quality of inner-credibility is just as important and is the focus of this article.

I have been meditating a lot lately – some of it formal meditation but much of it involving walking or bike riding meditations (which I find as inspiring and also physically good for you as well). The concept of inner-credibility is a huge factor in meditation. As your mind begins to wander, many of those thought trails it follows deals with unresolved issues, worries and even regrets; in essence, you’re inner-credibility and how you perceive yourself. It is a bit like self-esteem but more authentic.  I find that when a concern or regret arises in my mind (especially during meditation) it is a trigger for me to take action. As an example, I have not been keeping in touch with a specific relative and I actually feel a little guilty for not being more responsive. It is not that I do not like this person, it is just that I am busy and such intentions seem to continually slip to the wayside. Yet, it is this lack of responsiveness that causes me to passively suffer; and in meditation, that same nagging thought arises from nothingness to interrupt a peaceful session. There are many things that can cause us worry and anxiety: Money, jobs, health, relationships, addictions, lack of conviction – just to name a few.

The point is, I have found that when I clear the slate and take care of those mindful nagging things that need attention – I am more centered in life. I have less to worry about and I have found my meditations  to be more satisfying. When you have less to worry about, you feel better. We can’t control the many challenges that come our way, but we can clear the “in box” at work and scratch a few things off the “to do list” at home so we can relax and feel better about ourselves. It takes a little extra work but the results are empowering. It might be as simple as saying “thank you” to the right people… Or “I love you”…. You know what you need to do!

Focus on that inner credibility because when your house is clean on the inside, it will reflect the same qualities on the outside. Our Mantra of the Month is Inner Credibility:

“Breathe in positive energy… Breathe out Credibility….”

John C. Bader

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