michelemeicheSometimes we can be too caught up in ¨being aware¨ that we aren’t actually in the present moment and really living.

The practice of ¨being aware ¨mindfulness¨ is taken too far when we are always pausing to be mindful. In actuality mindfulness is a practice. It is a form of meditation that with deliberate practice is to then allow us to be more completely in the present moment; to then be able to ¨respond¨ to the vicissitudes of life and interchanges that take place in the present moment.

When we live only from a place of awareness we are in a sense “over- thinking” our life.  Awareness is an important step, process; and in fact tool for life. It can be looked at as a spiritual tool, as a type of meditation and definitely as a beneficial life tool. However, when we are doing a Contemplation Meditation, Vipassana, or Dhyana we are in a form of duality. We are observing our thoughts, actions and/or those of another person. Observing implies separation. We separate out to observe as we move into the “Witness State” or the “Detached Observer”. In this state we can gain great insight and awareness; however in living in this state we are not in the present moment. To observe one is reviewing and not viewing.

I know many people in their meditation practice that over rely on moving into awareness before action. This can be a “good” thing; however like any “good” thing taken to far it becomes a hindrance and even a crutch. If in your life you are afraid to respond, then you are not trusting your own Inner Guidance and Inner Knowing; which over time becomes more seamless from a good meditation practice.

One of the purposes of a “Mindfulness Meditation” is to then move into a space of being where you are more mindful – more aligned, tuned into the Higher Directive of your Inner Knowing. This aspect of your being is seamless to the Universe and the energy of The All That Is; or some may term God…. This is the part of you that remembers, knows and lives by your interconnectedness to the All That Is and Resonant Fields of the All That Is. This part is aligned and attuned to the oneness of everything and everyone within the Universe.

It may sound contrary or counter intuitive to suggest that there can be too much “mindfulness”. However, when we remember that meditation is oneness we can then begin to understand that at some point we need to move more from the practice to living, being and responding. This requires an understanding and trust from what we have received from our practice of mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a “meditation practice”; however the “meditative state” is just that – a state of being. Even though there truly isn’t a “goal” in meditation it could be said that a focus or use of meditation is to move a person into living more in the meditative state of oneness.



Michele is a guest writer for the Responsive Universe. She has also written this great piece on Mindfulness.

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