We do not question if the Sun is going to rise tomorrow

for it is something we can depend on.

Much like blue sky, rain, love and eventually cessation;

a revolving Mandala of life;

our connection to True Nature….

The Responsive Universe is a path to infinity.

A bridge to the sublime…

Here in the material world: Rationalization born
from misinterpretations?

Created by our parents and mentors; or someone else’s distorted perceptions.

Is blind faith interwoven for our eye’s to see? Is it fact or fiction?

Or just plain stupidity?

Archaic religious virtues – vestibules of another century

Its misguiding agenda haunts modern philosophy:

….Corrosive and contagious

Yet, high above the storm clouds stands a renaissance of reasoning

Found on the road to evolution and mindfulness;

some find it, yet many never will

The right answers sought by a few

A pulse fed by pure thinking.

The clarity of an open mind;

energy, love and light…


Is it the movement of the future?

That nobody really knows

Because personal destiny

Is for one to see…

An intimate journey

with a path to infinity…


John C. Bader

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