What does that mean; Universal Love?

We talk about eating right, exercise and meditation all the time in the wellness community. What about Universal Love? Another facet of living healthy is being mindful of energy as it relates to the Universe. Finding your center in the beauty of it all… Universal love is a source of instinctual energy – the essence of God; it is everything…. Further, the light of all things created (the Universe); this dynamism of energy, vibration, life, and beauty – is universal love. Universal love is the positive Quantum energy that flows through the Universe – a Mandala of birth, life and rebirth…  Philosophically, universal love holds all things in the cosmos together – gravity, quantum physics and our instinctual, conscious connection to it all…  Love is where we come from and where we will return. It is the law of the Universe…

Too gratuitous and far-fetched…?

Understanding love in terms of the Universe opens us up to seeing that everything comes from one source, a natural order of life based on love and energy. That one source is the essence of God as it relates to the Universe. Love and God are interwoven in the beauty we see all around us. Staying centered and living a karmic life allows us to embrace love in all forms. Love improves your quality of life in all arenas. It builds strong self-esteem, facilitates intelligence, and, most importantly, feeds the inner-self with positive Quantum energy.

Seems simple enough?

Be aware of your constant streaming of thoughts including likes and dislikes. Let negative reactions be a trigger that it is time to find your center again. Hate, aggression, and envy are trappings of the ego. Turn away from these negative energies and focus on what is dependable and constant in life; your True Nature. Open yourself up to this universal love and have the clarity to shower it on others around you. Universal love is the gateway to bliss and happiness. The more you center yourself within, the more your life and surroundings will respond with good luck, good energy and illumination.

….Breathe in positive energy, breathe out Universe Love….

Three helpful tips to love yourself!


John C. Bader

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