The Universe gave birth to all known elements that exist here on Earth. A simple chemical circumstance; born from basic elements like hydrogen and carbon, led to the origins of life on Earth. The right mixture of compounds, light, temperature and natural electricity (lightning) is all that is needed to create the building blocks for cellular structure. These early compounds were the ancestors of DNA. Gravity brought various molecules together to form the first cells which then became more complex elementary compounds. It took hundreds of millions of years for the first tiny plant like organisms to sprout, giving off oxygen. We as humans are a thread that connects back to the first cells that inhabited Earth billions of years ago. Humans are a survivor of adaption and evolution.  It has not been a perfect process. Still, 14 billion years of cosmic evolution can breed many possibilities; especially when there are basic life building elements like water, carbon, oxygen and light available for the Responsive Universe to dabble with.


 “We are the product of 4.5 billion years of fortuitous, slow

biological evolution. There is no reason to think that the

evolutionary process has stopped.”

–  Carl Sagan

Humans continue to evolve today. Over the course of the next few thousand years there will be shifts in our development both biologically and socially. Will adaptation and natural selection weed out the weak and unnecessary? I thought long and hard about this philosophical quandary and at first my heart settled on the notion that people who are connected to the sublime energy that is our surroundings and the Universe; people with mindfulness, compassion and a giving nature would evolve to the next level in our human story – leaving behind those that live through greed, fear and ego to eventually wither away. One facet of evolution is how animals tend to breed with other animals that appear strong, attractive and healthy. In humanistic terms, when I think of strengths I think of people living through their True Nature and not their ego. My idea of strength is fighting for what is right, helping others, gaining wisdom and offering love and compassion to those in need. Strength is fighting our compulsions and addictions and not being a slave to our control patterns. Logic would serve that people who are searching for self-actualization would be more likely to carry on their genes generations later; mainly due to the energy and vibration they may surround themselves with. Yet, who continues to hold on to the power?  War Lords and dictators, religions based on blind faith and greedy corporations that control our food and money. It is kind of fucked up….

All we have is history to look back on. For hundreds of thousands of years man has evolved leaving behind the Stone Age to be greeted by the Modern Age. Still under the social static of dogma and progression is this human instinct to dominant – For thousands of years there has been war as stronger tribes or nations weed out the weak manipulating and raping resources along the way. What does this mean for our evolution? What does this mean for our social evolution? What does this mean for our species?  I got to be honest and say that my gut tells me our evolution is a path to human extinction. With climate change, war, global starvation and water and natural resources being plundered, the future does not look positive. Granted it will take another 1000 years to destroy ourselves but we are off to a good start – especially the last century.


For hundreds if not thousands of years, there have been philosophers, light workers and philanthropists that humbly give and do not selfishly take – yet this is a minority that though noble, is not something that has evolved into our commonplace society. Why? Our world has always been ruled by a powerful few that controls the masses. I know in my heart and soul that giving, compassion and love is the true path of our evolutionary existence, but will this path lead to a holistic utopia or will greed and gluttony send us on a path of extinction?

In many ways evolution (especially social evolution) is a personal choice. We all have choices to make on even the most personal levels: Eating right and exercising; meditation and expanding our minds – connecting to nature and the sublime energies that created the Universe. These acts of progression lead to a more self-actualized future. It is our obligation to teach our children the same virtues. If an environment fosters the capacity for change, then adaptions will foster the evolution of species. As environments change, so do the creatures that inhabit it. Change is relative and if the right surroundings are present, then anything can happen. The birth of humans and our conscious thought is proof of that…

So, as we continue on with our human experience we are faced with two veering paths. One is a path of mediocrity, wrought with conflict and suffering – the path of ego. And then there is the difficult path up hill that leads to wisdom, compassion, space, clarity and responsiveness. It is a path that leads to self-actualization… It is not the easier path, but when we listen to our inner voice and not the ego that many times unknowingly governs existence, there is another world to be discovered – a Responsive Universe….

…and so I trudge forward on my own path of human, social and spiritual evolution….

John C. Bader

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