9dalai091814Can insecurity be your friend? Kind of an odd question isn’t it. I would imagine we all harbor insecurities in some facet; maybe sometimes unknowingly.  You know, the concept of enlightenment is just that… a concept. We can all understand what enlightenment means. My understanding includes endless bliss with no suffering: Buddha Nature… That is just it, Buddha Nature is a concept and not necessarily a place that exists within reality. Now, you may be thinking, “well, shit, why have I been reading your dumb blog?”. Hey, even the Dalai Lama has bad days. No one is free from the perils of conflict, challenge, loss and emotional and physical pain. It is part of life. The polar opposites of pain and bliss coexist so that we can find some sort of middle ground in this thing called life. The idea is to understand that we do in fact live in a Responsive Universe and that our goal is to be mindful of the concept of enlightenment and balance that with our ego and false-self.

So, how can insecurity be your friend?

Experience has shown that we need to push ourselves to be better. Most of the world it seems is walking down hill – following – taking the easy path. Yet self-discovery and social evolution requires you to walk up hill. One such shift in perception is putting yourself out there to be appreciated and discovered. When the ego is involved, there are complexities involving fear, guilt, shallow self-confidence and insecurity. These superficial emotions are not who you are. Underneath the shell of a reality that society has molded is your True Nature – unadulterated and unfettered. When you connect to your true-self, void of ego, you find true empowerment – authentic fulfillment. The idea is simple… Be mindful when you feel insecure…. It is a road sign in life to change direction… Do something different that challenges you to leave your shell and break the chains of insecurity.

But how do we get to this level of space and clarity? By pushing yourself – By walking up hill instead of down hill. You will know you are shifting your thoughts and actions in the right direction when you feel naked and insecure to those around you. That is your ego intervening – saying you are not good enough in the eyes of others. Again…. This insecurity you feel is not who you are – only a distorted reflection. A good rule of thumb in life is this – if you feel insecure or if making a positive change in your life seems abrasive or difficult; If there is internal insecurities that arise from within, then you are challenging your ego. This is good! Once you fulfill a seemingly uncomfortable task like publishing your writing or art, breaking up from a toxic relationship or quitting that dead-end job to pursue college – whatever your advancement, if it is a little abrasive or difficult, odds are that means you are on the right path. Be mindful of this and create the space inward and outward to make small but positive changes away from insecurity and into the warm bathing light of self-confidence.

John C. Bader

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