From self-published to traditionally published; this is PART I. of a blog series detailing the evolution of my new book published by Wisdom Moon, titled: The Responsive Universe – Illumination of the Nine Mandalas.

More than a decade ago, I wrote a self-published work which I affectionately called The Sixth Tier, A Handbook to Enlightenment. Good luck trying to find it now! It was composed of six chapters which focused on various ways to search and find self-actualization in a world of indifference. I wrote this book in response to a series of life changing epiphanies or awakenings that engulfed me in 2001. After hitting rock bottom after the still birth loss of my first child and namesake, I found a new and enlightened vision of the world we live in. I truly believe you sometimes have to hit rock bottom before you can evolve to the next level of consciousness. Sadly though, my new-found awareness was quickly besieged by ego and false-self, which unfortunately muddled my True Nature. 10 years ago, I understood  how the Universe worked and my place within this grand dominion, but I was far from releasing myself from the perils of ego and false-self. In hindsight, the Sixth Tier reflected a lot of this anger and ego in small refined levels.


The Sixth Tier, 2001

The Sixth Tier did get an offer from a small independent publisher but I decided to have it self-published instead. I was hesitant to accept the publishing offer for several reasons. First, I was going to have to sign away the rights of a book that I put my heart and soul in. Secondly, I was not finished with the whole body of work – I knew deep down this was not my best foot forward; there was room for improvement. Due to the pressures of ego and other false perceptions, I rushed the entire writing process. It became more about being a published author and less about the final product; an error in hindsight. There are many good elements to The Sixth Tier, but it was not a completion of the process – it did not reflect my life’s work. Thus, at the end of The Sixth Tier I wrote, “To be continued”.

Since 2002, I have studied Buddhism extensively and I have continued to put to work the many ideas and concepts found in my first published effort. One of my decade long goals was to bridge science with spirituality and meditate on a daily basis. More than a decade later I have emerged as a much more complete person. I have challenged my false self and settled into a new-found notion of True Nature – an unwavering energy found within that is driven by a Quantum Universe. Over the years I have toyed with new ideas and wrestled with old philosophical quandaries. About three years ago a new-found inspiration encircled me. I began to rewrite The Sixth Tier as it should have been years ago and in 2011 I again self-published the rewrite now known as the The Responsive Universe – Meditations and Daily Life Practice (recently pulled from the shelves).

I was a little disappointed I could not get the Responsive Universe printed by a traditional publisher. I am sure many of you know how tough it is to be a published writer. Even after self-publishing the RU, I actively pursued handfuls of smaller wellness and boutique publishers. I did not lose faith! I was successful in getting several articles published by MindBodyGreen and All Things Healing. My social footprint on Facebook and Twitter grew as well. Eventually through luck and my own positive manifestations, the RU was picked up by Wisdom Moon Publishing in 2013. Wisdom Moon Publishing is a boutique publisher with an emphasis on wellness, mindfulness and philosophy. It was a perfect fit!

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About the Book:

We all have within our grasp the ability to wield the power of quantum energy as it relates to the Universe and our intrinsic True Nature. Based on science and inspired by Buddhist ideals and new world philosophy, the Responsive Universe will lead the reader into a world of self-discovery, karma and wellness.. By following the creative and insightful meditations and  daily life practices, you will begin to free yourself from a false-self that may unknowingly govern your actions and reactions; the result being a spacious new vision of your true-self: A boundless vision bathed under the liberating light of self-actualization and enlightenment.

In Part II. of my journey toward publishing the new and improved Responsive Universe – Why this book is different and how it will change your life much like it changed mine….

John C. Bader

About the Book:

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