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I feel like there has been this gap or hole in the collective narrative that is wellness books; especially books on spirituality. We see plenty of self-help books on the shelves talking about what we need to do to be happier people. How do we achieve happiness? God knows there is plenty of that. In my own spiritual quest I have been just as interested in the how of enlightenment and also the WHY of enlightenment.  There are plenty of books to teach us how to be happier. But what about the mechanics behind such ideas? I have never been a proponent of blind faith and that is why the Bible is not on my shelf of favorite self-help books. I like to know the science and reasoning behind things like karma, God and the afterlife.  I think there is this global thirst to know and believe in God – Yet for me personally, organized religion continues to fall short with answers to the biggest questions of why… Why do we suffer? Why do we exist? where do we go when we die? WHY?

So, in researching and writing the Responsive Universe – Illumination of the Nine Mandalas, I worked diligently to discuss topics of spirituality, God, human origin, karma and meditation and also the science behind such ideas. Take the concept of an afterlife: Can Science Prove there is an Afterlife is one of my most popular blog posts. Why? Because blind faith is just not enough for some people.  People want to know that science can prove we live on in some facet after death. It is more reassuring, especially for those that are educated and awake to the wonders of the Cosmos. It is a big place out there in the Universe and science is now beginning to explain our connections to this vast and impressive quantum Universe.

So, the goal of the Responsive Universe is to explain our most enduring questions with answers based more on science and less on conjecture. Couple that with helpful meditations and insightful daily life practices; and I have taken this book to another level with empowering steps to find happiness and understanding within this Responsive Universe.  The Responsive Universe is a unique book: It is approachable and understandable; and yet it is intelligent and philosophical in nature.  In the RU I am not afraid to question religious authority. In the RU we tackle situations of loss, dealing with our past as well as God and positive energy.  Each chapter builds on the next as we journey through this Mandala of life.

Who should read this book? Anyone that has questions about life that are not being answered by conventional religion and daily life. If you are interested in Buddhism or how science explains God and our place within the Cosmos; this book is for you! A reborn christian may not like this book – its ideas and premise will threaten their forged dogmatic views. Nothing is more scary than having your belief systems questioned. Yet it is fear and guilt that holds us from true self-discovery. What if I told you that you do not need religion to be self-actualized. What if I told you God and everything you need is inside your being; your True Nature. So, for the silent majority out there that is looking for more; that sees the world as vast and connective, then this book will connect you to something more – something larger: A Responsive Universe…

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