Can you imagine? Having the ability to go back in time and redo some the things we maybe regret. Or even better, return to the past with the wisdom we now garner? Yeah, that would be pretty cool wouldn’t it? If I could go back in time I would tell my younger self to worry less, not care what other people think, be a leader not a follower; and above all, love myself unconditionally…

 Just one problem… That is not reality is it? More of a fantasy I think….

There is a reason we grow and mature. There is a reason we have to learn the hard way. I call it social evolution. Every past positive and negative thought, action and reaction contributes to the person you are today. Life is a university in learning. How else are we to discover our true self? It is worth noting that none of us are perfect. Many of us have had less than stellar childhoods; maybe we had a bad break up last year, a terrible loss or wish we would have said or done different things in retrospect. I think that is pretty normal.

The thing to realize is that every present moment is a new start. We can’t go back in time and change the negative memories, but we can stop them from reoccurring in the present moment. Imagine being the director of a movie; except the movie is your life story.  Maybe this movie starts off a bit negative. You may even feel sorry for the main character. But as a director you can create any ending you like. We all want to feel good after a movie right? The idea is to understand that as directors of our own lives, our past script may have sucked, but you have the power to save this movie from the .99 cent bargain basket at Walmart and make it a blockbuster!

Understand that you are the director, not a victim, and write your very own happy ending. It can be that easy when you stop complicating things and understand that every new moment in life is an opportunity to be happy.

John C. Bader

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