121014Happy New Year to any of you reading this blog now… and a Happy New Year to anyone who stumbles across this post; say in July…. I guess that is the point… Every word written here is valid today, tomorrow and in six to nine months…

Everyday can be a new day… a new start…. Sure, New Years is about “out with the old and in with the new”. Still, I am not fond of New Year’s resolutions.  I like to have the option of failing. Yeah, that’s right, failure is good! How many resolutions are still being religiously followed by Summer? Spring? It is sort of a “set yourself up to fail and then feel guilty about it” scenario…. Nothing new and wholesome about that…. Resolutions seem to set us up for disappointment. They certainly have never worked for me.

Still, there is a silver lining in the concept of failure and blown resolutions. Let us not forget it is the failures and shortcomings that teach us the important lessons in life. Much of our wisdom is forged from learning about what works and what does not work. Life can be one big experiment. Life has taught me that with the right mindfulness, every negative can be turned into a positive and from pain is born space and awareness. So with that said, I am slow to say goodbye to 2014 or any previous year without remembering the high points and yes, the low points. It is the latest chapter of who we are.

Still, it is an unfinished story…

That is where the New Year becomes useful: 365 new chances to do better and get things right. It does not have to be a perfect process – it won’t…  and that is okay… We tend to be hard on ourselves for our actions, thoughts and reactions. This thing called living is not easy. Still, we can have the confidence that our story is not yet finished. We are the authors of the next chapter – why not write a good one!

John C. Bader

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